Written by Steve

11 Aug 2005

As a man in his 50’s, I don’t generally expect the same opportunities for sexy fun as I had when I was younger, but sometimes age doesn’t seem to matter, which proved to be the case recently.

I was enjoying lunch in a quiet village pub last week, and noticed that one of the bar staff was particularly friendly when I ordered my food from her. She appeared to be in her early thirties, with shoulder length blonde hair and a slim figure, about 5’3” tall, wearing a t-shirt top and a straight black skirt, just above knee length. Nothing remarkable, but she had a fresh, pretty look about her, and a nice smile. I instinctively checked out her left hand, and saw she was wearing a wedding ring, then I realised she had seen me looking at it. I smiled at her to cover my embarrassment at being ‘caught out’, it was very obvious that I had seen her, fancied her, and checked out her availability, all in the short time I had been at the bar, (and I was old enough to be her father). I went outside with my drink, and was enjoying the sunshine when she brought my salad to my table. She asked if there was anything else I needed and I looked her straight in the eyes and smiled again. She simply said “not that, I meant with your food”, and laughed. “Thank you, I replied, I’m fine for the moment, but I’d like something afterwards, I’ll come and get it when I’ve had my lunch”. She just smiled and walked back towards the bar. I hadn’t really intended to be suggestive, but I was pleased that she hadn’t been offended, and thought nothing more about it.

After I had eaten, I went to the bar to get a coffee and luckily the bar was empty except for Rachel, the blonde with the smile. I had brought my empty plate and glass in with me, and put them on the bar with some others, then went to Rachel and said “please may I have a coffee”. She said “Yes, you can have it here, or if you wait a few minutes I’ll be finished here and we can have a coffee together at my house, it’s just a couple of minutes down the road”. I couldn’t believe she had made the suggestion, and I thought for a moment that she was just teasing me, but then I saw the look in her eyes and realised she was deadly serious. “That would be much better”, I replied, “Shall I wait in the garden?”

“I’ll come and collect you as soon as I’ve tidied up the bar here, it will only take a couple of minutes then I’m finished for the afternoon”, she replied, again with a smile and in a very ‘matter of fact’ way, as if she did this every day. Perhaps she did, I thought, as I went outside to wait, but who cares, she’s very friendly and she must realise what she’s doing.

After about ten minutes, I was wondering if it had been a joke and I’d been left sitting in the garden like a fool, but then Rachel re-appeared and came over to me. “Sorry to have been so long, the landlady wanted to chat about work schedules so I couldn’t get away. Let’s go and have a coffee, it’s not far”. Before I had chance to say anything, she was walking off towards the car park, so I rapidly caught up with her. “This is very kind of you, my name’s Chris, by the way”. “And I’m Rachel”, she replied, “and before you ask, I don’t normally invite customers to my place for a coffee, but I think you’re sensible enough to be trusted, and I liked the way you looked at me in the bar”. “You’re very pretty”, I told her, “you must get lots of men coming on to you all the time”. “Well yes, but most of them are people from round here, and I’ve known them for years, often blokes I was at school with”. We had walked only about 50 yards and the conversation was easy, but I wondered if Rachel really knew what she was doing. She pointed to a small Victorian red-brick cottage just up the street. “That’s my place”, she said, “and yes I’m married but he’s at work and won’t be back till later”. There was now no doubt in my mind that Rachel intended us to have sex, and my cock was straining at the thought. “I’m pleased about that”, I said, “it would be nice to have some time together and not be interrupted” “Well, we’ll see” she replied, “I just thought you looked like a nice man”.

By this time we were at the gate to the cottage. There was a well-maintained front garden and I complemented her on the flowers, obviously the result of considerable work. “Oh that’s Jim”, she said, “he’s very keen on keeping the place looking good, and he likes the bright colours”. “That’s your husband?” I asked. “Yes, he’s a sweet guy and I’m lucky to have married him”, she replied, “He’s kind and looks after me very well”. By this time we were in the front room of the cottage, just inside the front door. Rachel shut the door behind me and slipped off her shoes. She turned to look at me. “I want you to know that I’ve never been with another man other than Jim” she explained, “ I love him and I’ve known him since I was fifteen. Please don’t ask why I’m doing this, I don’t want to explain and really, you don’t need to know. I am very nervous”. I looked at her, and realised she was being very honest. “Well I’m not going to ask if you don’t want to tell me”, I said. She turned away, “I’ll put the kettle on” she said, walking towards the kitchen at the back of the house. I followed her and watched as she took two mugs, found the coffee and said “Sugar?” “Not for me, thank you”, I replied, and as she filled the kettle I stood behind her and put an arm around her waist. My cock was hard and pushing the front of my trousers, and I was just close enough for her to feel it against her bottom. She pressed back against me and wiggled her bum slightly. “That feels nice” she said, “I hope you’re feeling like using it”. I laughed and said, “that’s a nice idea, do you know anyone who might want to share it?” She turned round, stood on tiptoe and planted a kiss on my mouth. Her tongue slipped straight between my lips and she put her hands around my neck, pulling me towards her. I held her body, sliding my hands down to her bum, that was slim but well rounded and very firm. The kettle boiled and she broke the kiss. “Well unless you’ve got anyone else in mind, it looks like it might have to be me” she giggled. “Here, take the coffee and go upstairs, there’s the bathroom on the right and a big bed in the back bedroom. See you up there in a moment.” I did as I was told, climbing the narrow stairs and not believing this was happening. She was pretty, not much more than half my age, very sweet and obviously a very sexy woman. Why me? Anyway, who cares?

I slipped out of my clothes and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I heard Rachel coming up the stairs and go into the bedroom. When I got there a few moments later she was standing naked, facing the door “Will I do?” she asked, giving me a coy smile, or are you disappointed that I’m so skinny? My tits have always been small and I’ve got used to them now.” “You look gorgeous”, I replied, “You have a lovely figure and not all men like big boobs, bums and legs can be much more important”. With that, Rachel turned and stuck her bum out towards me. “Well if you like bums, how’s mine?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder at me. “Wonderful”, I replied, “just what I like”. “Good, she said, “because I want you to enjoy yourself, you can have me in any way you like – there as well if you want it” she laughed, obviously meaning her bum. “You’re a naughty girl”, I chided her, “you’re not behaving like a pretty young wife should”. “If I’m naughty maybe you should spank me, then”, she laughed again, “but not too hard, I don’t want it to show”. “We can see to that later”, I said, “now I need you to take these boxers off”. Rachel dropped to her knees at my feet, pulling my boxers down as she went, and immediately took my cock into her mouth. I felt her tongue moving over the underside of my cockhead, and it nearly made me come. She sensed it and gripped my cock firmly around the base and the feeling subsided – then she did the same again, only just stopping me in time. After this treatment I knew that when I did come it would be a bucketful. “God what a cock”, she said, “it’s so long and thick I couldn’t get very much in my mouth. Is it ok, what I was doing, or do you need me to try harder? I don’t think I could get much more of you in”. “It’s lovely”, I replied, “what you were doing was too good, it nearly made me come and I don’t want to yet”. “As long as it’s ok for you I’m happy,” she said, “I can give Jim good deep throat, but he’s much smaller. I don’t think I could take that in my bum, but I will try if you really want to”. “Let’s take things as they happen,” I said, “there’s plenty of time, isn’t there?” “Yes, there should be, don’t worry” she replied, looking at the bedside clock.

“Lie on the bed”, I told her, and she lay back with her legs apart. For the first time I saw her pretty pussy, lightly covered in downy blonde hairs and with her outer lips swollen. I couldn’t resist the temptation to taste her, and she cried out as I slipped my tongue between them – gently opening her up to expose her pink, wet inner lips and the tip of her hard clit. I lapped gently at her pussy as her groans became louder, establishing a regular rhythm of movements that just touched the tip of her clit at each stroke. I gently started to ease one finger into her, but keeping the regular movements with my tongue. Her pale nipples had grown so big and hard they stood up an inch from her little firm breasts. Suddenly she squeezed me between her legs, gripped the sheet with her hands and screamed “Oh God”, her pussy tightened on my finger and my hand was flooded with her juices, her body was shaking and her face screwed up as she came. I had never known anyone to make so much love-juice, it covered her, the sheet and my hand too. I just waited till she had calmed down a bit, then she started laughing with the release of the tension in her body. It was nice to see her so happy, and my cock was looking forward to giving her some more pleasure.

“That was lovely,” she said, sitting up, “but please would you fuck me now, I really need it?” I couldn’t believe this pretty young wife was so keen to get an old man to fuck her, but I wasn’t going to argue! “How would you like me?” she asked, “tell me how you want me” “Just lie back and enjoy it” I said, “it’s nice for me to see your face as I come into you, and we can do some other things afterwards”. Rachel lay back on the bed, shifting across to avoid most of the wet sheet. Her pussy lips were very swollen, wet and open, showing her little pink inner lips still well covered in her juices. I moved up between her open legs, and as my very hard cock touched her outer lips, she reached down and gripped it, pulling it into her pussy. “Please, just shove it up me”, she said, “I want to feel stretched by that lovely big cock of yours”. I didn’t think it was a good idea to be too forceful, she was only little and was obviously used to Jim being a bit smaller than me. She pushed her body up to meet me, “Go on, push it in”, she urged, and I just pushed into her in one stroke. “Oh yes, that’s lovely”, she said, her pussy gripping me tightly. I felt the end of my cock reach the top of her vagina, and she winced with pain. “What’s that”, she asked. “I’m just a bit too deep inside you”, I explained, “my cock’s just a bit too long to all fit into you, but I’ll be careful” She relaxed and as I started to move gently in and out of her tight cunt I could see her eyes glaze over with lust and pleasure. “That’s it, just fuck me” she said, “it feels wonderful inside me, God you’re big, it’s lovely”. I lowered my mouth towards a nipple, and as I continued to fuck her, I took her hard teat in my mouth, licking, pulling and teasing it. Her head was moving from side to side, her fine blonde hair in a mess and her mouth open, breathing hard. She opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. “God that’s wonderful, don’t stop, just keep doing that” she said, then almost immediately “Oh, I’m going to come again”. Her come hit her like a wave, starting at her head and making her cry out, then moving down her body to her breasts, her stiff nipples standing proud of her creamy skin, now tinged with pink blush. As her pussy finally caught up with the rest of her orgasm, she gripped my cock in it like a vice, stopping me from moving. I felt her pussy squeeze and release very quickly about seven or eight times, then she started bucking under me, forcing her pussy to slide up and down my length. I desperately wanted to come but just managed to hold on – I wanted to have her from behind, at least doggy even if her bum was too small to take me.

As she calmed down from this second come, she was smiling and laughing – obviously very happy. She suddenly looked serious, and asked “What about you, I want you to come in me”. “Well, when you’re ready, put that lovely bum of yours in the air and I want to fuck you from behind” I said. “Will that make you come, seeing my bum and your cock sliding in and out of my cunt” she asked. “Of course it will, you’re a lovely shape and your neat round bum is to die for” I said, no word of a lie there! “And afterwards I want to lick your cock clean, taste your come, please?” she asked. “That’s a nice idea, do you like the taste of come?” I asked. “Oh yes, Jim’s is lovely”, she replied, “but I’ve never tasted anyone else’s – I just want to know what it’s like” With that, she neatly moved onto all fours and presented me with the delightful sight of her upturned bottom, her sopping wet pussy and thighs and her neat little pink rosebud hole – better not go there, I thought, looks very small and tight. I moved behind her, and gently nudged the fat round end of my cock into her pussy. It slipped in without great effort, she was so wet and relaxed, and all I heard was “Oh yes, oh yes” from the muffled face buried in the sheets. Her hips and bum were beautiful, and it was sheer delight to hold onto her body as my cock moved in and out of her pussy. I wanted it never to end, but I knew I couldn’t last much longer. She turned her head slightly to talk to me. “Go on, just unload your come in me – and make it feel like the best come ever” she said. I started to move more quickly, building to what was going to be a mind-blowing orgasm, I just knew.

“Oh Christ” I heard Rachel scream. I thought I had hurt her inside again, until I saw she was looking at the bedroom door. There was a man in his 30’s, just staring a us. I couldn’t stop, it was too late for me and there was no way I could prevent myself from unloading deep in Rachel’s cunt. At that moment she let out a wild scream and had another violent orgasm, her whole body shaking and her cries of ecstasy filling the room. I could only grunt as stream after stream of my come went high into Rachel’s pussy and I collapsed over her back. I turned towards the door, expecting at least a fist or probably a lot worse, but the man had gone away, and I heard him slowly going down the stairs. I slipped out of Rachel and she turned round. “Jim?” “Yes”, she replied. “Let me go and talk to him will you? Just stay here please, he’s ok he won’t be difficult” I had not much choice, but just told her to do whatever she thought was best, and Rachel followed Jim downstairs, leaking my come as she went.

I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit, then quickly got dressed and ready to leave at the first opportunity. After a few minutes of talking downstairs, my heart missed a beat as I realised it was Jim coming up the stairs, not Rachel. He came towards me and held out his hand, and all I could do was to shake it as if we were meeting in an office. “Thank you, Chris, you’ve made Rachel very happy and I’m very pleased for her. I must explain that she has only ever fucked me, and I have been suggesting that she should broaden her horizons a bit. I wasn’t expecting her to do it, she seemed against the idea, but something obviously got into her today. I’ll send her back upstairs now and you can talk to her about it.” With that he left, and I just stayed standing staring at the door, not quite knowing what to do. I heard Jim tell Rachel to “Go upstairs and finish what you started”, and then Rachel’s footsteps on the stairs. She was still naked and looking very sexy, with come running down her thighs and a cheeky smile on her face.

“Thank you for that, it was wonderful”, she said, “I didn’t know how different it could be with another man, and Jim is fine, he’s so kind to me and only wants to make me happy”.

“I’m pleased you enjoyed it, it was great for me but I hope it doesn’t cause any trouble” I replied. “Oh no, in some ways I was hoping to get ‘found out’, otherwise I would have had to tell him later, I couldn’t have a secret from him”. She came to me, put her arms around my neck and said “Will you stay a bit longer, please, I really would like to play a bit more and Jim doesn’t mind at all”. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea”, I replied, “Jim might find that a bit difficult!”. “No, he’s fine”, she said, “I don’t suppose you would let him watch, would you? It doesn’t matter, but I think he would like to” “Whatever is best for you two” I replied, “I really don’t mind if he wants to watch, or join in for that matter, threesomes is fun” Rachel’s eyes widened “You really mean that? I’d love to be there for both of you, and I know Jim wants to fuck me when I’m full of come”. “Go downstairs and ask him” I said, “He might not want to”. Rachel was gone in a flash, running downstairs. I heard a short conversation, then they re-appeared at the bedroom door, Rachel pulling Jim by the hand. “Come on you guys, I’m naked and I want you two the same”

To be continued