Written by John and Kim

21 Jun 2004

What a weekend! John and I rented a friend's cottage (Bernie's) on a lake. We arrived friday afternoon and stayed till sunday. We invited a couple or friends for the weekend too. These friends are swingers too, there was Jenny and Paul, Carrie ( a single girlfriend) and Eddie ( a single friend of Paul's) This cottage is on a big lake, but Bernie has such a huge lot, totally surrounded by trees, that we went topless from the moment we arrived. John and I arrived early, so we got to have a quick fuck before the guests showed up. while he fucked me doggy style over the couch, John asked if I was ready for some great party sex. I told him I couldn't wait.

Carrie arrived first. She's a tall brunette (50 or 51) with a nice set of tits and a big ass. She has a great smile and is more of a hippy than anything else. Very free -spirited and totally not prudish. she wanted a shower right away saying her airconditioning in the car crapped out and that she needed to wash up. I led her to the outdoor shower and talked with her while she showered. I get a thrill watching her, and she lies to be watched. We talked about this and that, and I told Carrie that Paul was bringing a single friend and that she might get lucky! Carrie told me that she was horny like hell and that she hasn't had sex in about a month (with her ex-husband that she fucks from time to time) and that she was ready to party. Her openess made me hot too, and I told her to stop talking that it was making me horny. Anyway, I left her there to help ohn with unpacking. We put some beer on ice ( first things first huh?) and got the rest of the stuff put away. An hour later we were still waiting for the other 3 who were coming together. they finally arrived and introductions were made. Carrie had put on a sundress, obviously with nothin on underneath because the sun filtered thru and showed her curvy features. Eddie was a hefty guy with a ponytail, big shoulders and a beard. Very woodsmanlike.

Paul and Jenny looked great...she was already in her bikini top, with shorts. Paul was in shorts and a golf shirt. Jenny is dirt blond with small tits, and she has an amazing ass. (I like to tell her that she has porn-ass) Walking arm and arm, I told Jenny to follow Carrie and I so that I could show her the grounds. the boys did their thing. Jenny tells me that on the way up Paul told her to take of her top and that Eddie and Paul were playing with her tits. they actuall got off the highway and found a dirt road and she ended up giving both guys a blow job, ending with Paul fucking her in the back seat.

This time Carrie told her to stop ...LOL. I gave Carrie's ass a squeeze and said, " don't worry, the guys will take care of you soon enough,.....and us chicks too"...

We laughed and headed back to the cottage. Carrie complained that even in her dress she was too hot, so she pulled out her swimsuit out of her bag right in front of the guys, and asked, " you don't mind if I change right here?"...John says, " forget the suit , just stay naked baby!"..."If you will, I will"I said to Carrie. Carrie says," not right now...I want you to get a peek just for a little tease factor"