Written by paul

29 Oct 2006

we are a couple in our forties-we have been married 15 years

i have always had a fantasy of watching my wife lisa being fucked by a strange guy.

lisa is small petite-nice tits-very firm-and a very sexy body.

she has never shown any interest in a threesome-though making love to her have said lots of guys would love to fuck you and it seemed to turn her on.

we decided to have a weekend in blackpool=booked a small boarding house with a bar.friday night we had a pub crawl

lisa had a short red dress on with plenty of cleavage showing=black bra and a black pair of lacy panties on.

we got back to the digs well pissed=and got talking to two guys sat next to us in there fifties-the talk got very randy

and lisa was loving it.after a few drinks lisa went to the toilet and the guys said you will be ok tonight she looks a to be in a randy mood.lisa returned and the only guys in the bar where the 2 guys and the owner behind the bar.

the guys moved on each side of her and one of them put his hand up her skirt-and lisa smiled at me and said these guys want to fuck me-do you mind-i said carry on boys.

they put her on the floor and took her dress off followed by her bra-they took a tit each and sucked her nipples

for a while.then one of them slipped his cock in her mouth

the other guy pulled her panties down turned to me and said your mrs has nice hairy fanny-im going to lick then fuck her

he then got his tongue on her clit anf licked her very slow.

meanwhile the other guy was spunking in her mouth.the other guys then slid his cock up her bareback and started to fuck

her.the owner came in and joined us dropped his pants and said i will have a bit of that=turned her into doggy position and slid his cock up her cunt and fucked for about

10 mins and shot his spunk into her cunt.

they all fucked her sat and sunday night -

she is now looking for more.