Written by moderncouple

8 Sep 2006

We recently had a weekend away in Torquay Devon, where we booked into one of the reccommended swing hotels.

We had talked it over for many years, I had enjoyed many extra experiences thanks to the persuasion of my husband of 6 years, both with women and men, and couples, and we had chatted about us joining the swinging community.

I had for years forbade my husband from having extra sexual encounters, believing I would not be able to deal with it(Yes I know....what a bitch) However we decided that now the children had gone we would posibly endulge in some extra fun, possibly a 3 some, where I could have some control on what my lovely husband got up to.

We arrived early afternoon at the hotel, and we were given a fabulous welcome by the propriator and his wife.

They put us at ease and told us thatdinner would be at 8, drinks at 7.30 in the bar, where we would meet the other folk.

We were advised before coming to wear something sexy, with the men being in suits.

We had a lovely afternoon walking along the seafront in Torquay, and about 5pm we returned to the hotel to get ready.

I made sure I was immaculate, in every way, and I wore a very nice ivory coloured bra and suspenders, and a cloak over the top.

We went down at 7.30 and found the bar full of other couples, all seemed to have made a real effort and we were soon at ease chatting away to the group, who were similarly dressed.

Strangely no one was talking dirty, or using double entendres,and it was a bit strange that we were all asking where we were from and what we did etc.

We went through to dinner and we were served 4 fabuous light courses, by 2 topless waitresses and a waiter in a leather thong.

This was really lovely, with the girls bending over as much as they could, and the waiter, standing close to many of the women as he served them, his apparently large bulge close to their faces as he did.

We finished with a port for the ladies and brandy for the men, and then our host and his wife joined us, he wearing trousers and a shirt and she in a beautiful gold boddice, suspenders and high heels.

While we sat at the table, the propriators, told us what the hotel had in store for us during each evening of our stay, and then we were ushered into the bar area to have a few more drinks.

Once there we were soon talking to a couple we saw at dinner, and the husband of the couple Jim, asked me Jenny what surprises I had on under her cloak. Ian looked at me and smiled, I asked Jim if he would like to see, and he laughed and said of course.

I lifted my cloak and removed it, revealing my body wrapped in suspenders bra stockings and high heels.

Wow said Jims wife, Jenny you are gorgeous.

I was not as slim as I had been, but I still had a great body, and Jim and Andrea thought so too.

Andrea took a big swig of her drink, and looking at me said, I would love to touch you.

I smiled and moved towards her, making it easier as our men looked on.

Andrea sat down on a setee and pulled me down beside her.

She looked me in the eye and placed a hand on my stockinged leg. She gently stroked my thigh up and down, and lingered at my stocking tops.

She paused and kissed me deeply, which was fantastic, her lovely tongue exploring the inside of my mouth.

I was aware of my breasts being carressed at the same time and my heart thumped as I felt a hand explore my now very erect nipples.

The kissing went on and on and I was so turned on, that when I did open my eyes, I saw Jim was pulling my bra down to allow access to my nipples, and that my husband was carressing Andrea similarly.

It was so damn sexy, that any concern I had of my husband enjoying another woman melted away.

Jim suggested that we retire to the jacuzzi, and as we all stood up taking our drinks with us, it was then that I saw the other folk were also similarly busy, and I saw that the landlady was being taken from behind over a bar stool, while she took another man in her mouth.....this hotel was going to be fun!!!

We slipped into the Jaccuzzi and I continued kissing Andrea while Jim licked and sucked my very excited breasts.

Ian was returning the favour to Andrea and I loved it.

Andrea stopped looked me in the eye, smiled and said shall we swop?? I shrugged...fine ( although I wasnt sure what she meant) Andrea pulled me into the centre of the pool, and we knelt on all fours facing each other so that we could continue kissing.

It was then that I saw Ian hove into view behind Andrea, and before I could focus, I felt a finger slipped inside me.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the caress of Jims fingers inside me and I moved against him while continuing to kiss Andrea deeply.

I could see my Ian working his magic on Andrea who was also having fun with his hands.

I heard Andrea cry out as she came, and she begged Ian to fuck her.

I had not yet come but was ready to have Jim inside me, and seconds later, I felt his cock enter me.

Jim was soon inside me deeply and he rammed hsi cock into me, which felt like it was going to come out my tummy.

Looking up I could see Ian thrusting his cock into Andrea as we continued to kiss.

God this was good, and I was so pleased to see my husband satisfying another woman with his cock.

What had I been worried about I thought, we should have done this years ago.

I felt Jim empty his cock inside me, and although he was sheathed, the feel of him pulsating was unmistakable.

Ian also came inside Andrea, and I saw her writhe as he pumped his load into her.

Andrea smiled....Very nice she said and you are owed an orgasm.

Andrea pulled me to the side and sat me on the edge of the Jacussi, feet and calves in the water.

Parting my legs, she began to lick me and finger me, I lay back, where jim knelt, and took his now limp cock into my mouth as Andrea worked her magic.

Jim soon came to life, and soon his erect cock fucked my mouth while his wife fingered me.

My orgasm was magnificent and as I came I looked up to see the delight of my husband who looked on.

Andrea seeing my delight, left my very satisfied pussy and began to suck Ian, as I sucked Jim.

Eventually they both came again, and we relaxed in the jacuzzi.

That evening the boys were drained, so they enjoyed seeing us served by another male guest and in my case the propriator.

We stayed another night and enjoyed another encounter with several other couples, and Ian having the propriators wife.

This is a fab hotel, we will be going back, and if you are considering trying swinging, then this is a fab way to do it.

Thoroughly reccomended, and an eye opening experience.