Written by Belinda F

22 May 2005

I glanced at the newspaper and spotted an outrageous article about two naughty girls who had met through one of those swapping sites on the internet.How exciting! The thought of a girlie relationship had always turned me on. I had a feeling that I could be very bi-sexual given half the chance! Mark was away on a business meeting, and it was a miserable winters night with the wind howling round the house. Chrissie, one of my girlfriends had just cancelled popping over for a girlie night in together, and there was nothing to watch on the television. I remembered that article about those two girls though and settled down to read it with a cup of coffee and a half eaten box of chocolates...very naughty! It made lively reading and as I finished looking at it,I realised just how turned on I was. I had never mentioned it to Mark, and I was quite normal where men were concerned and in fact very horny. We had a very good sex life but I had always thought that I could easily be a bit bi and reading about those two girls had really got me going and I glanced at the bottom of the page at the internet address that the girls had used.

Laughing at myself, I went into the bathroom and turned the shower on thinking maybe an early night would do me good, but as I soaped my body I felt excitment race through me as I ran my fingers over my hips and into my pubic hair. My clit felt hard and as I rubbed it with soapy fingers I slipped into one of my favourite fantasies about making love to another girl imagining her soft naked skin and all those beautiful curves, and slipping my fingers between her open legs and into her honey pot. I had an amazing orgasm very quickly and finished showering. Just wrapped in a towel I went and picked up the paper and typed the address into my computer. I watched the site come up as I dried my naked body. After slipping into Marks towelling dressing gown, smelling of his favourite aftershave, I followed the instructions and found the bi-sexual and lesbian pages. Trembling with excitment I read that it was divided into areas so that you could easily find local people. Very handy I thought, still not thinking that I would take it any further...just look! Scanning through I found Surrey.There were pages of "girlie" adverts,with the most beautiful photographs of some very desirable little bodies, dressed and undressed with vivid decriptions of themselves and just what they wanted! Settling myself more comfortably in the chair I read lots of them and one particularly caught my eye. Her name was Amanda and she only lived fifteen miles away! She decribed her looks and figure and gave grahic desciptions of some of the fun that she would like and said that she had had quite a few really exciting girlie relationships but was looking for someone new to explore bi-sexual fun.

I stared at her photo for a while, she was really beautiful and was very sexy and appealed to me very much. I could just imagine stroking her milky white skin and sucking her hard erect nipples and pushing my fingertips into her juicy little cunt and kissing those gorgeous lips. I felt sure that she could teach me all that I needed to know! My mind was spinning as I left my computer and went to open a bottle of wine. I put some music on and lay on the sofa drinking but not being able to get her out of my mind. It was now getting on for nine o'clock when without really consciously thinking about what I was doing, I mailed Amanda's email address saying that I wanted to meet her and telling her a bit about myself, sending her a very naughty photo as well, and before I could change my mind I clicked "send" and my mail had gone!

I did not realise just how much of the wine I had consumed and was quite light headed as I went out to the kitchen to wash the glass and throw away the empty bottle.Suddenly I heard my mobile ringing in the bedroom and assumed that it was Mark phoning to say goodnight. Picking it up, I said "Oh darling, how sweet of you to phone". There was a silence at the other end and I continued "Mark, is that you?". The silence continued for a couple more seconds before a womans voice said, " No, its Amanda, you sent me an email with your mobile number about ten minutes ago". I nearly dropped the phone in surprise, mumbling my apologies to her. God,I thought as she spoke on,what had I had I got myself into! Steadying myself I sat down on the bed and we had a relaxed conversation and she seemed very nice. I couldn't stop myself really enjoying the call and was surprised that I was soaking wet,and playing with myself realised that I was really turned on! It amazed me even more when I heard my voice inviting her round! She very quickly agreed and as if in a dream I gave Amanda the directions to get here.What was I doing!! I had asked an unknown girl round here when Mark was away, and I was horny and drunk!

I quickly put on something respectable...silly really as it would soon be coming off. I tidied up a bit and it must have only been twenty minutes before I heard the door bell. Biting my lip as I looked in the mirror I went into the hall and unlocked the door, where my new found friend stood smiling at me. She really was beautiful I thought, looking her up and down. Amanda had long blond hair and the most fabulous blue eyes. Wow, I thought as I took her coat and led her through to the sitting room. It was quite hard to know what to say to each other at first. I quickly openned another bottle and watched her as she gracefully sank down onto the sofa. My god, she had legs to die for, and I idly wondered if she was into threesomes, as well, Mark would really enjoy this one!

I sat down beside her and we talked, and again I found that we had so much in common and we were soon relaxed. I did not want to make the first move and did not have to wait long before Amanda took my hand, and opening her long shapely legs she put my hand on her upper thigh. Lying back she spread her legs further and I moved my fingers slowly past her stocking tops and into her wet panties where I found her slit and clit through the thin fabric. Amanda groaned loudly as I pushed the material aside and slipped my fingers into her wet cunt. It was the first time that I had felt one, other than my own, and it was mindblowingly exciting, as I explored the soft warm folds of skin and rubbed her swollen clitoris, and looking down at my fingers they shone with her juices.

"Let me take my clothes off darling" she whispered in a husky voice, as she moved off the sofa and I watched as she provocatively removed her clothes revealing such beautiful sexy underwear. I sat there taking it all in and was feeling very aroused as she stood up in front of me totally naked. "Your turn now sweetheart" Amanda whispered, as she started to pull off my dress letting it drop to the floor aroud my ankles and then pulling at the strapes of my thong I felt a huge ripple of excitment race through my body. Her fingers gently touched the bare flesh of my body as we kissed...a very different kiss. It was a very exciting one, and one that I liked!

When I was naked Amanda slowly and sensuously caressed me and told me that I had a very sweet little bum. Her hands moved around and she traced the curves of my hips and her slender fingers frigged in and out of my soaking hole. I started to tremble as she pulled my cunt lips apart. I felt both hot and cold and little ripples of emotion ran all over my body dancing at the slow movements that she was creating on my increasingly hard clit and wet fanny. I felt my hips moving to and fro and heard a long low moan leave my lips as Amanda explored the most intimate part of my body. Feeling very aroused now I stroked round my breasts and my erect nipples that were protruding like never before. They had never needed much stimulation and I really enjoyed caressing them and I felt a bit more involved.I twisted and sqeezed them both between my forefinger and thumb, and pressed my nails into them heightening my arousal, while Amanda continued to tantalise my over excited pussie, pushing her fingers into my cunt and stretching the lips wide looking deeply into the over excited dribbling hole. Her other hand was stroking the crease around my bum cheeks, tenderly rubbing my bum hole and just slipping the tip of her finger inside. I felt myself wriggle with pleasure and total sexual abandon as her soft body moved onto mine where we lay back and cuddled on the sofa.

Several drinks later and after enjoying some more advanced lessons in girlie love I realised just how much fun this was going to be! Suddenly with an unmistakable gleam in her eyes Amanda affectionately pulled me up and asked me,"Which way was the bedroom?"

She asked if she could play one of her favourite games with me and said that it would mean that I would be blindfolded and both my hands and feet would be tied to the bed head and base.Before I even really had time to think about it, and completely ignoring my laughing cries and protests she threw me onto my bed and was tieing my wrists to the bed head, stretching my arms apart above me with silk scarves. She then tied my ankles, spreading my legs helplessly apart. It felt very provacative and I felt so vulnerable as I watched her as she went back into the other room. Two or three minutes passed before she returned wearing a shiny black leather body suit. Amanda looked abslutely fabulous and I was trembling when she put a black satin blindfold round my eyes, asking if I was alright?

I lay there helplessly spread eagled in my bedroom completely unable to move and not knowing what was going to happen next. Mark was away and I must admit that I did feel a bit shaky but amazingly, very aroused as well! I felt Amanda squeezing my hard nipples and she built up a pressure around them pinching them painfully, before her hands moved down my body,gliding over my soft vulnerable flesh to my furry triangle. As she stroked my upper thighs I longed for her to slip her fingers inside me, but she teasingly moved around that area and just occasionally touched my soft silky springy hair. Amanda knew that she was driving me crazy alright, especially when she stopped for a while altogether and was completely silent, and all that I could hear was the clock ticking in the hall....

I waited and waited then I suddenly felt a light sensation pass gently over the exposed flesh of my arm and a little shiver ran down my spine. The lovely feeling was there again but this time on my neck. I felt the heat rise in my skin and flush across my face as pleasure and excitement crept up on me. I felt it again coming right up my thigh, slowly stopping short of my tingling pussie. The silence was becoming cloying and I had completely lost my sense of time and space. My senses suddenly seemed to sharpen and I could feel the prescence of someone standing nearby and I was not sure who it was! I murmered something, but silence was the reply. I tried again, "Amanda?" I softly whispered nervously, only to be greeted by silence again. Finally I felt someone put there arms around my waist, not quite hugging me... I tried to move, to feel who it was but like a ghost its presence evaded me. I could feel a softness in the air, on my skin, almost as if it had an electricity of its own, but the silence continued. I just lay there completely still, wondering what would happen next. Suddenly there was a gentle touch on my inner thigh, sending a quick thrill soaring through me, and I realised that I was very wet and spread my legs as much as I could. It felt incredibly sexy! Another teasing touch brought electricity tantalisingly across my whole body, making my skin feel alive and excited and aching to be touched and caressed. I felt a hand on my breast and I moaned in gratitude and pleasure and insistent fingers gently massaged my hard nipples...then almost as if it had never happened...the insistent hands disappeared...leaving me.

I cried out in pure frustration. I waited again, my heart thumping inside me for what seemed like an age, when again the hand returned. The silence remained and my curiosity was driving me mad and the minutes felt endless until a hand slid sensuously up my leg and a face disapeared into my wet over excited soaking wet cunt. I heard the smallest of moans as someone sniffed the musk of my pussie for a few seconds and then a hungry tongue probed deeply into my waiting, wetness. I felt arms spreading around my legs like before, as someone made themselves comfortable and I hoped was preparing to give me some real oral sex. How I yearned to feel her tongue between my lips, lapping and probing inside my cunt relieving me of some of this built up tension and excitment.

I felt a hand snake up my trembling body to my breasts stroking the perfect roundness and teasing the hard sensitive nipples again. I could hear my laboured breathing as I felt an orgasm growing deep inside me and that old familiar tingle shoot up my spine. I felt the sensations grow stronger than ever before as I gave myself over to the shuddering pleasure and as her tongue lapped greedily at my flowing and twitching cunt sucked out what I imagined was going to be the most deicious cum ever. Again the lapping stopped and a deafening silence ensued and all I could hear was my heavy breathing. "Amanda?" I asked nervously into the silence. I could hear a floorboard creek softly or was it my imagination...was I hallucinating?

Then I fely gentle arms again wrapping themselves around my quaking thighs. This is so cruel, I thought to myself. Why doesn't she put me out of my misery, this is the fourth time that she has stopped just as I was about to come. I could feel myself building up to a climax under her tender sensual tongue, teasing my clit in the most exquisite way and then nothing...Breaking into my thoughts with a start, I realised there was ANOTHER pair of hands gently caressing my rock hard, hungry nipples and almost with a sense of mind reading, felt a warm wet mouth take first one nipple then the other slowly and so gently suckling them till warmth ran all the way to my throbbing cunt. I started bucking my hips in a paroxysm of pure pleasure, readying myself to explode in an orgy of love juice.

As if by clockwork, the tongue suddenly stopped searching out my love honey. I just lay there too dazed to say anything, sensations throbbed inside me...when simultaniously I felt a warm oiliness on my excited breasts and the bed gave way as a heavy body straddled my chest. I felt gentle hands take mine and bring them up to my breasts squeezing them together. I was ready and willing to do anything to release all the sexual tension that had built up inside me. I willingly complied when I suddenly felt a rock hard cock trapped between my tits!! As this happened I felt the maddening insistent tongue probing my depths again as the now rampant cock slowly started screwing my wanton breasts! In my minds eye, I imagined the vivacious Amanda eating my pussie and a tall thin athletic man fucking my breasts! It was all too much for me now, and with a gasp and a small scream I realesed my love juice into the waiiting mouth,pumping my cum out in one shuddering orgasm after another. And then I felt a spurt on my neck as my gorgeus and unseen male lover squirted his hot spunk all over my tits. I slithered into the joys of another trembling heavenly orgasm, and had completely lost count of the times that I came.

The room was now full of satisfied moans and groans and the air seemed electrified with excitement as I felt Amanda's lovely lips press against mine. "Did you enjoy that darling?" she whispered, as she gently released my hands and feet and finally the satin blindfold. Blinking I rejoned a visible world and saw the two people sitting by me on the bed. "I thought that you would enjoy my boyfriend joining in, he has got such a big prick and I thought it would be fun to give you a bit of extra excitement!" she laughed. Smiing I looked over at the delicious naked man who had been tantilising my body and thought how much I would like him to fuck me.....

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