Written by bob

19 Aug 2010

my girlfriend jo and myself had talked about me watching her with another guy for ages but never done anything about it. then one day i'd come home and seen her talking to the people that had moved in next door a group of students. now i'll tell you jo and i are in our 40's and these lads were inthere early twenties. anyway we chatted for a while andd then we went in , jo was very horny and start stroking my cock while telling me she wanted to fuck these lads, they had offered to do the garden for some extra cash so we thought this was a great chance for her to seduce them. anyway a week later they came round as promised it was a nice sunny day and they got started, jo dressed in a very short skirt and a loose vest top and no underware, after a while she takes some drinks outside lies back on the sun lounger positioned so they could see everything. jo calls them over for there drink and watched there faces as they realised what they could see. they came over and stood either side of her looking down at her small breasts. as they took there drinks she took her chance and started stroking ther cocks then unzipping them and taking out ther cocks slowly wanking them, they didnt need anymore encouragement, one of them told her to suck his cock whilethe other got between her legs and started to lick her pussy this sent her wild and to started moaning with pleasure.i was watching everthing from the kitchen, one of them lay on the floor and told her to get on top which she did while the other put his cock in her mouth, they fucked her like this when the one in her mouth said he was going to fuck her arse, nowjo has never let me do that and i thought she would stop him but she just smiled, he went behind her and slowly pushed it in, now she had one in her pussy and one in her arse, they fucked her for what seemed ages she was telling them to fuck her harder when the one fucking her arse gave a load groan and came up her arse and seconds later the other shot hisloads in her pussy, she kissed them goodbye and came into the house knelt on the sofa and told me to fuck her cum filled pussy and arse. that was not the last time these lads did our garden either but thats another story.