Written by Jason

20 Jun 2005

After many failed attempts to make up a threesome through SH, I finally managed a meet with an older couple locally. Their ad. made no mention of 'bi' at any point, nor did the e-mail ping-pong that followed before we actually met up. The initial meet was at a pub; they greeted me like an old friend, and wine and saucy conversation was soon flowing. He was overweight and about fifty-five, she similar but with an unusually small bust for a well-built woman. "Shall we invite this gentleman home, Love..?" asked Ted, the husband. "Only if he wants to give me a good shagging" she giggled. Good; at least we were at one on that! They drove their car right into the garage to avoid neighbourly curiosity, and we entered by the kitchen where more drinks were produced. Kate (not her real name) removed her neckerchief, scoop top and skirt with a speed that would have done credit to a magician; "Come on, slow-coach; keep up!" she giggled. OK. Fair enough. Off shirt, off slacks, off socks and off pants. My cock was just beginning to show an interest, the foreskin slowly drawing back from the pinky head as it rose towards the horizontal. At this point Ted was watching, fully clothed, his eyes moving to Kate's fanny as she removed her panties. Lovely! Well trimmed, she had shaped her pubic hair into the shape of a heart-my admiration was rewarded when she moved closer to present me with her musky cunt lips. Kneeling, I embarked on a journey of sheer pleasure as her now opened legs invited my tongue and fingers into her honeypot. Ted had at last started to undress. As a dedicated bi-man, I got as much pleasure watching him undress. He had stolen a march on me as his rather long but thin cock was already rampant, the purple tip still, surprisingly, covered by his foreskin.

Kate eventually moved to a position on the carpet, her head on a cushion. My tongue moved quickly over her belly and breasts, the big brown oreoles denying the smallness of her titties. All this time she had been working my cock to a point where I would soon cum. I whispered this fact into her ear, expecting her to ask me to hold back, but she virtually pushed then pulled me into her hot cunt, pulling my arse cheeks hard as I started pumping. Our rhythm got faster until I could feel myself spurting my week's load into her. Still she pulled my arse cheeks, her passion unabated. Ted? That was the nice surprise....clearly moved by the sight of my shaven arsehole being fully exposed by Kate, he had lubed-up his thin but rock-hard cock and pushed into me; three strokes and I could feel him right up my bum; three more and he convulsed as his spunk filled my dead-end. (It was still leaking out as I walked home). Phew! A rest, a chat about bi-surprises (how did he know?) then seconds. He gave Kate a good long fuck, cumming over her tits, and gave me a lovely BJ. That left several possibilities for the future. He did whisper on my departure that perhaps we two could get together for some real bi-fun!! What a couple. Vive mature swingers!!