Written by sacouple

12 Nov 2012

I knelt down and slowly tried to undo the zip.

My one hold up stocking started to slip slowly down, the elastic had gone.

Slowly the zip now started to come undone, what was stopping it was a large throbbing cock that was behind it.

Meanwhile my partner was now shouting get his cock out like the tart you are and take it in your mouth. Never having done anyting like this before was not making it any easier but then I managed to free the large throbbing cock and for a moment I just stared at it right in may face.

Take it in the mouth now ! get it ready for me cuck my partner shouted again.

I started to lick the end and then slowly took it my mouth and sucked it longingly now I was starting to feel like a real girl and was really enjoying it when another instruction was shouted. Do not let him come you stupid cuck I want all the come up me.

Reluctantly I stood up pulled up my stocking, straightened my skirt and stood in the corner awaiting further instrcutions.

Go and get us both a drink, but do not come back upstairs until I call I was told.

Slowly I went downstairs, preprared drinks and waited ............ and waited.

One hour later I was called I could tell they had both been fucking wildly by the noise I had heard and the sweat on there faces. I put the drinks down as instructed and then once more got on my knees as instrcuted.

Lick him clean cuck which I did longingly and enjoyed every second now watch while I am fucked again by a real man.

My cock bulged harder than it has ever been before in my panties as I watched I was desperate to wank but was told if caught wuold be immediately sent from the room so I stood and watched and then >>>>>>>>>>>> may be more later