Written by David

11 Jul 2005

This happened today, right out of the blue, it being a very hot day here in South Lanarkshire, I decided to go to Cathkin Braes for a walk, I set out from the house and headed for Cathkin Braes car park. Now anybody that knows the area knows its a hang out for Gays, Bi's and any other sexual predator, including myself.

I set of walking over the well tramped paths towards the forrest area, as I did I passed a few guys nipping in and out of the bushes, no surprise what they are up to, passed another couple of guys who were hard at it doing a b/j, might have been a bit jealous at that time, but I walked on into the woods to explore further.

Only a short time passed and I met a couple in there mid 40's I guess, they stopped and chatted with me, we got on to variuos subjects which happens in these parts of the woods, the woman asked me if I would like to participate in a little dogging, no great surprise when I said I would be delighted to. They said it was there first time and they were a little apprehensive, I acknowleded here nervousness and we set of to look for a quiet area.

We found a nice little nook with the sun shinning down on our grassy area, I stood back and said for them to do what they wanted to do, If they wanted me to participate I would, they started to kiss and fondle each other they they nelt down on the grass and started to take each others clothes off, at this point my dick was starting to twitch,he pulled off her jumper and expossed her ample breasts, she was a little plump but very good looking for her age, she started to undo his shorts and released his dick into the forrest air, it was about 5 to 6 inches in length and ready for action. He undid her pants and pulled them dowm over her thighs then his tongue and lips plunged into her bulging pussy, at this point I just had to strip naked and then I started to play with my 7 inch manhood, she beckoned me over and asked me to play with her breasts,she then got hold of my cock and started to lick it with her tongue, no sooner this was done I was darting in and out of her pussy with my tongue, we had a good session in the open air, but I did not get to put my dick in her pussy, she said this was for another time, we exchanged mobile phone numbers and then went our different ways.

What a nice walk I had in the Cathkin Braes today.