Written by Amthora

6 Aug 2014

Why me I ask myself,I've just come across this site,I'm lying in my bed alone,why am I alone ???,. I'm 19 yrs old,boy/girl,I don't know, at first I blamed myself for fingering myself excessively,my vagina,I had no inkling that my pleasure spot was a developing penis,I had never seen a penis in real life.

A little while ago in a moment of stupidity I engaged in my first(and only)sexual encounter with an elderly neighbour,he was in his garden dressed only in rather short shorts,we liked to chat,I was attracted to him, I'll admit I was sexually aroused, the day was hot,I'd drank wine,the detail of how it occurred is unimportant but more wine helped,I did oral sex on him,I sucked his penis and let him cum in my mouth.

It might have been a one off but in the next 4 or 5 days I sucked him several times,he stroked my tiny breasts and my pubic area. It seems I knew something, I kept preventing his fingers probing my vagina,I wanted him to,but for some reason held back.

Of course he persisted and I relented the touch of his fingers on my "penis" inside my vagina was simply awesome.He became sexually rampant but try as he did he could not gain full access to me my "opening" is insuficient.

We indulge in mutual oral sex but I long for penetration.