Written by hornyhondo

7 Jul 2004

I’ve been encouraged by all these wonderful true tales on this website which I’ve been getting off to for the last few months. Encouraged that is to add my own experiences.

My wife and I have a wonderful relationship and a very honest and open minded sex life. I guess like most couples (?) we love to fantasise about situations and other partners etc.

We used to go out regularly with another couple who unfortunately split up a couple fo years ago, which just left my best mate, Mike, and my wife Jessica to go out as a cosy threesome. We often talked about how funny and sexy it would be for the three of us to get it on. Jessica took great pleasure in teasing Mike as far as she could. At times we would make a point of having vocal sex while Mike was stopping at our house. Turns out that Mike was already enjoying this little show by wanking himself off in the next room..

We didn’t get chance to further explore ‘cause Mike soon met another partner and that was that.. or so we thought…

Fast forward 18 months and me and Mike and a couple of other mates are away on a lads weekend in Europe. After a well oiled night me and Mike return to our shared room and for de brief on the nights events…Soon we start reminiscing about what could have been with Jessica and how much I really wanted Mike to fuck her. We talked about what we both wanted and how we should treat Jessica, trash or treasure.. One of my ‘things’ has always been sloppy seconds meanwhile Mike talked about how he wanted to go down on Jessica after we’d both come in her. At that point we were both horny and needed relief. Mike had been to boarding school and I guess he’s wanked in front of other blokes before but I hadn’t so Mike starting to openly wank under the sheets was a bit of an eye opener. I soon joined in though and began winding him up as much as he was me. Before long I was ready to shoot and bizarrely we both aimed to come together. We both held on as long as possible to guarantee a good come and then it happened my cock began to throb and I came in long bursts at the same time as Mike…

After I’d come I was a bit shocked ‘cause it’d all happened so suddenly.. We both acted like it was completely normal and carried on the next day like the good mates that we are.

The following night it wasn’t long before our conversation turned to horny again. I needed relief and wasn’t afraid to admit that to Mike. We openly wanked again but this time Mike suggested I pull back the sheets so he could see my cock, he did the same. Almost in one movement he reached for my cock and me for his. It was a fantastic to feel another blokes hard cock like that. It was hard but then soft at the same time. I couldn’t work out why this confused me. After we wanked each other for a while I decided I needed to suck Mike. To be honest I didn’t really know what to do but I gave it my best shot. I must have been doing something right because after a few mins Mike announced that he was about to cum. I suppose he expected me to release his cock but I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He didn’t complain and came really strongly. I swallowed some but couldn’t swallow it all so let some dribble onto the sheets. It was a really hot experience and I felt somewhat liberated. It also felt completely natural, almost helpful what mates do!

After he’d cum he reached for me and took as much of my cock in his mouth as possible. It felt great and gripping the shaft with his hand while softly licking the head I came in no time and to my surprise he swallowed much of it too.

Once again it seemed completely natural and fortunately there were no ill feelings at all. In fact the experience only stoked the fire to take the whole thing further and to bring Jessica into the party. But that’s for the next posting…