Written by Sandra

25 Nov 2006

I had just had a shower and put on my dressing gown as I had forgotten to put the bins out, my husband was working away and the kids had gone off to school. I put the bins out but while I was out the door slammed shut locking me out.

I looked around to see if I could get in any other way and noticed that my bedroom window was slightly open.

There were a couple of workman working on the Cable box at the end of the road so I asked them if they could help.

They were only too pleased, one was about 45 and the other was in his early 20's both were not bad looking at all.

The younger guy got the ladder and climbed in and then came down to open th door to let me in.

Thank god I said and asked them if they would like a cup of tea.

While drinking the tea we got chatting and the older guy (Sean) started to flirt alittle talking about his sex life and the fact that he was not getting enough, I laughed and said that I too was not getting enough as my husband was always away.

The younger guy (Neil) then said that he know I wasn't getting enough as the dildo on my bed was low on battery power (I had forgotten to put it away earlier in the morning and it was still on the bed).

I could feel my self getting turned on and as Sean went to put his cup down he brushed against my breast and said that he would love to suck my tits. I felt my fanny twitch with excitment but just giggled.

Neil walked up behind me and started to squeese my arse and I let out a groan of pleaure, with that Sean pulled my dressing gown open and took both my breasts in his hands and then started to suck my nipples.

Neil let my dressing gown fall to the floor and slid his hand between my legs, I just groaned as his fingers started to rub and then entry my wet fanny.

I was standing there totally naked (I'm 42 years old and a size 10, i workout 3 time a week so I feel i'm in good shape, 34b tits)and asked the guys to take there cloths off.

As they started to undress I thought I was going to cum as I have only evey had sex with my husband and just looking at these two naked men and what was about too happen made my whole body shake.

Sean told me to suck his cock, it was about 8" and I took it into mouth, Neil got up behind me and started to lick my fanny, it felt fantastic and within seconds I started to shake as I had an orgasm. I was still sucking Sean when Neil moved and started to lick and probe his tounge into my arse hole (I had never had anything done to my arse before)it was such a fantastic feeling that I begged him not to stop.

Sean motioned to Neil that it was his turn to have his cock sucked (his cock was at least 9.5") and I eagerly put my lips around his cock and could taste his slightly dripping pre-cum. Neil moved up behind me and I felt his cock head sliding into my pussy, then with a thrust he was in and he was slamming his balls against my arse. I was being spit roasted, something I thought was only a fantasy when using my dildo, but here I was sucking and fucking.

I could feel Neil was about to cum but before I could stop to say I don't swallow I could feel his hot spunk shooting into my mouth and I just swallowed.

I licked Neil's dick clean while Sean was pumping away, Neil sat up and Sean turned me round and told me to get on my back, which I did, he climbed on top and once again sunk his cock deep into my pussy.

Neil said he was going to the toilet and went upstairs.

Sean told me to talk dirty to him and started to pull my hair which made me squeal even more, I felt so dirty it was fantastic. Within minutes of me talking dirty he said he was going to "shoot his load" I felt it build and just as I could feel his spunk hitting the insides of my pussy I too exploded with the most fantastic orgasim I have ever had.

Sean then pulled his cock out and then to my amasment turned round into a 69 postion and told me to suck his cock clean while he licked my cunt with his own cum dripping out.

Neil came down from upstairs and laughed at Sean saying that he had not believed that Sean really did like to suck pussy after fucking it.

Neil had my dildo lub in his hand and said that he was going to fuck me in the ass. Why not I thought and said that only if he did it gently. I got up from Sean and went over to Neil, he bent me over and rubbed some lub into my arse hole, he then put loads onto his cock and got me to get on all fours on the sofa, he rubbed the end of his cock against my arsehole which felt fantastic, he then started to insert, pushing deeper with each thrust, god it was painful but oh so good.

Sean got up and to my amazment had another hard-on, he told Neil that we can DP her, Neil pulled his cock out of my arse and moved me so that he was sitting, he then pulled me back and moved me so that my arsehole was once again sliding down on his cock. Sean moved into position above me and slammed his cock again into my pussy. It felt fantastic to feel two cocks sliding in and out of my holes.

I felt Neil building up tp cum, I could feel the veins in his cock swelling, I told Sean I wanted them to cum together and started to talk dirty to him (I don't know where the words were coming from but they were doing the trick). I could feel myself getting to the point of no return and then Neil erupted into my arse, I sqeezed as hard as I could which only sent me over the edge and I too shuddered with delight. Sean quickly pulled his cock from my pussy and masterbated himself over my tits, rubbing his bell end over my nipples. I sucked the end of his dick clean and the climbed off Neil.

I could feel the cum in both my cunt and arse and it felt very very dirty.

The guys got dressed, kissed me goodbye and left to get on with there work as if nothing had happened.

It was the most fantastic couple of hours I have ever had.

I think I will try this again.