Written by Tiffany

5 May 2005

Hi my name is Tiff and I would like to share something that happened to me while on a recent residential training course.

The tutor was a little late,when she arrived,well she was a dead ringer for actress Emily Proctor,the blonde from CSI Miami,she introduced herself as Briony.I was impressed by the way she was power dressed for the occasion,black knee length skirt,white blouse not quite see through but showing her white lacy underware which enhanced her athletic figure well.Her blonde hair held back with a matching black bow.As she got us to introduce ourselves I thought I could feel her eyes undressing me but she appeared to being this with all the other students.Maybe I should have noticed the other signs from the start.On day one,her sitting on the table directly in front of me crossing and uncrossing her legs, the ocassional flashing of her panties as she spoke.I was sure I caught her longingly staring at me more than once during the day,she smiling warmly when I did.Day two,her lingering hand on my shoulder,the reassuring squeezes,a shorter skirt exposing more of her stockinged thighs.Day three,her insistance on pairing with me for the forthcoming "role play" sessions.Her getting so close up that I could feel the heat of her body and smell the intoxicating aroma of her perfume.This culminated with her warm breath in my ear as she whispered about what we would be doing,the excited sparkle in her eyes as we exchanged glances.I was sure she was coming onto me.On day four,it was much of the same only this time she contrived to place her hand on mine when I did well in the tutorial.I was begining to feel a little flustered by her attentions and decided to work it off with a visit that evening to a nearby gym.I was getting showered when the last person I wanted to see,Briony joined me naked under the warm waters greeting me by kissing me on both cheeks and squeezing me close so that our breasts intertwined in the embrace.I made to leave but she insisted she needed to talk to me.As I pushed pass her I slipped and fell,slightly dazed,the next thing I felt was her helping me to the changing rooms,gently towelling me dry,and helping me dress,her hands carressing and fondling me as she did.She insisted she saw me back to my room.

Once back in my room she suggested that I lay on the bed and rest up while she fetched something to drink from the minibar.Returning with a large brandy she urged I get it down me it would help me relax.Then she said maybe I should get undressed and get into bed saying she`d help me.Still a little shocked and feeling the affects of the brandy on an empty stomach I offered no resistance as she was being so kind.As she pulled my jog top over my head I felt her lips kiss each of my naked breasts and nipplles sending a tingle through my whole body.Once the top was off she leant forward and kissed me full on the lips,a second warm feeling flooded through my body,I closed my eyes I wanted her to do it again,sensing my surrender she kissed me again probing gently between my lips with her tongue.Now in total control she gently pushed me back and began to pull off my jogger bottoms,throwing them clear,she repeated the same with my panties not before holding them to her nose and taking in the musky aroma.Moving over me she spread my thighs and began planting several butterfly kisses on my trimmed mound before licking teasingly along my moistening slit with her tongue.Not having had sex with anyone for sometime I closed my eyes and sighed contently as Briony made love to me.Stopping only to pull off her top she joined me at the top end of the bed where I lay wondering what she would do next.Cupping her breasts she offered each one to my mouth begging me to kiss and suck her nipples,I drew in each one feeling them grow on my tongue.Briony swiftly disgarded the rest of her clothes and rejoined me naked on the bed.Taking my hand she guided it towards her mound,without any hesitation I inserted two fingers into her wetness.Briony did the same and in unison we frigged each other while we passionately kissed and explored each others mouths with our tongues.For the next hour we made love to each others bodies kissing and licking every crevis,bringing each other off to muliple orgasms.One particular side by side 69er almost making us feint with its intensity.Needless to say I insisted Briony stay the night in case laughingly I had any relapse from my fall.Sharing the single bed brought us even more closer doing things to each other I would never have dreamt of doing with a man let alone a woman I had only met early that week.

I woke alone and didn`t see Briony till classtime.She entered the room saying little and acting as if nothing had happened between us.I felt a little miffed she had ignited a hidden passion in me and wanted more but was now blanking me.However later that morning during a role play session she took the opportunity while whispering at my ear to apoligise also promised me there was more to come then inserted her tongue deep into my ear sending an excited shiver through me,one of her hands meanwhile stroked my inner thigh over my trousers.

Later as we broke for coffee she asked me to stay behind then once the coast was clear lead me way to the secluded toilets on the next floor,where she steered me into a vacant cubicle pushing up my top and lifting my bra buried her head lovingly onto my breasts.Her hands burrowing down the front of my trousers seeking my fanny.Slowly she frigged me to another fantastic orgasm.While I regained my composure and readjusted my clothes Briony savoured my juices as she licked her finger clean.She said she had been wanting to touch and feel me all morning longing to get me naked on a bed as soon as possible.Suggesting that later we could skip lunch she said we could slip away to her room for another bout of passionate love making.Asking if we would have enough time Briony said leave it to her.Rejoining the other students I watched eagerly as the clock seemed for ages to slowly tick round to 12:30.Briony said that as it was our last day together we could take an hour and half for lunch.Making sure no-one saw us we almost ran to her room,once inside we tore at each others clothes falling naked on the bed.After a brief bout of kissing and heavy petting Briony pulled a box from beneath the bed and handed it to me.Looking inside I found an assortment of rubber and plastic cocks of all shapes clours and sizes along with a harness.Asking me to pick my favourite I chose a modestly sized black one one,Briony inserted it into the harness before strapping it on.Turning me on to all fours she began to fuck me doggy style,fondling my breasts and kissing the nape of my neck, bringing me to an explosive orgasm,my screams being muffled in the pillow.Handing me the strap on she helped me into it,laying back she guided me into her.Being a novice Briony encouraged me,moved with me,soon she was cumming and bit into my shoulder drawing a lovebite as she did,a trophy of our lust she called it.The rest of the remaining time we hugged and kissed each other before a quick shower,fresh make up,we returned seperately to the classroom.

Mid afternoon saw the course draw to a close and handing out the envelopes containing our attendance certificates, Briony said we had all been attentive students some more than others.Wishing us all a safe journey she left the room before I could say a proper goodbye to her leaving me saddened.

On the train home I opened my envelope,inside it along with the certificate Briony had slipped a photo of herself,on the back she had scribbled her mobile number,address and a message to ring her asap.I dialled the number which she quickly answered,after a brief exchange I confessed I was missing her asking where she was,she replied not as far away as I could imaging,looking up I saw her entering the carriage.Luckily the carriage was relatively empty so our lip on lip kisses and under jumper petting went unnoticed.

When I asked why she was on the same train it appeared that we only lived about twenty minutes by car from each other and were both heading for the same station stop.Sharing a taxi she suggested we headed to her place as it was nearer.Over coffee Briony asked me to stay the weekend,I said I didn`t have any fresh clothes,she said if the signs she was reading were right we probably wouldn`t be needing any,if we did have to go out,I could borrow some from her wardrobe and lead me towards the bedroom.I needed no second encouragement and dived onto her kingsize bed.Briony said I should slow down I was too keen,I had a lot to learn about pleasuring and being pleasured by a woman,we had the whole weekend,and as we both knew she was an excellent tutor.Lesson one started shortly afterwards with Briony rubbing aromatherapy oils onto me body and massaging them in with her naked body.The rest of our time together we rarely bothered dressing,instead pleasuring each other most of the time in bed except for the candlelit baths as we soaped and carresed away our aching limbs.Weekend over Briony asked if I wanted us to be an item and move in with her.This Friday when she returns from yet another course she will find me suitcases and all on her doorstep.