Written by beachboy1959

25 Oct 2012

This is a fantasy of mine that i decided to put down in print in the hope my wife would read it,and then act it out,like a lot of blokes on here i want to see my wife with another bloke,but always met with the same response,it's great to talk about doing it when we have sex,but that's as far as it goes,i live in hope,and welcome comments,that's the boring bit out of the way.

A Night out

We drive into the car park, and I find a place to park, you are looking so sexy in your low cut top, short skirt and follow me fuck me black heels, you get out and my first hard on of the night (not strictly true as I’ve been hard from the moment we set off, just looking at you.) comes when I catch a glimpse of your thong.

We go into the pub, a pub about half an hour from home, not to far but far enough away not to bump into anyone we know, we sit at a table with 2 high stools, your legs look fabulous as you climb up onto it, I go and get drinks, and as I come back I realise that if anyone sits on the bench seat near us and looks this way they can probably see right up your skirt, my cock stirs at the thought, and I hope a bloke sits there and gets a good look.

We have been there about 10 minutes me telling you how gorgeous and sexy you look and what I want to do to you when we get home, when a couple sit on the bench seat, I get hard straight away and hope he looks our way, you read my mind and cross your legs showing off a great bit of thigh, you catch him looking, and open your legs slightly, you are enjoying teasing him, and I am enjoying the thought of another man looking up my wife’s skirt, and know he will be as hard as I am, at what he sees.

I go to the toilet, and am away for a while, when I return a man is sat in my seat chatting to you, and you seem to be enjoying his company and the fact he is obviously chatting you up, he is very tactile when he talks touching your arm and putting his hand on your leg, which I notice you don’t move, in fact I’m sure you open them even more, the guy on the bench seat is openly staring up your skirt, and even turns to get a better view, and adjusts his hard on as he , all this is going on while I watch from a distance, I can imagine the guy talking to you is hard too, as he seems to be constantly looking at your boobs and wonderful cleavage, I hope you realise that you now have 3 men all with rock hard cocks and you haven’t even touched any of them.

I come back to the table and the man apologise for taking my seat and says something along the lines of thinking you were on your own and such a gorgeous sexy woman should not be left on her own, I say it’s fine and go and get another stool and sit the other side of you, we talk a bit about ourselves and he tells us about himself, all the while he is gently touching your arm and leg and telling you how sexy you look, I agree and am gently stroking your neck while we listen to him, you are enjoying all this, and when he goes to the toilet, you tell me that you are turned on at all the attention you’re getting and teasing the bloke on the bench, I ask you what you want to do, you say what do you want to happen, I say I think we should all go somewhere a bit more private and see what happens, you say you’ll think about it, god that makes me so hard, I grab your hand and let you feel what that sentence has done to me, I move your hand as he comes back, and he says don’t stop on my account, in fact you can do that to me if you want, you don’t reply, at first then say matter of factly might do later, this just makes me want to cum there and then, we carry on talking and it’s getting more suggestive, and you are getting more relaxed and touchy feely yourself, by gently touching our forearms and chest and even putting your hand on our knees, doing the same move to each of us.

The guy on the bench cannot believe it when you deliberately open your legs as you get off your stool to go to the loo and make a meal of getting back on it when you come back, you know that he is hard at what he can see, and it turns you on that you have made him that way, we are both hard as well and we are just sitting next to you and haven’t even had the great view he has.

Eventually you say the words I’ve been wanting to hear for ages, shall we go and find somewhere a bit more private, we both nod and can’t get out of there quick enough, we make our way to the car, which luckily is parked in a dark seclude spot well away from other cars, I suggest we all get into the back, we do with you in the middle, I start to kiss you, and you respond passionately, you turn and kiss him, this is such a turn on, to see my wife passionately kissing another man, I gently stroke your neck while you do this, you reach back and stroke my cock,we take turns kissing you and stroking your neck, and when you are not kissing us we kiss your neck, at the same time we are stroking your legs from the ankle and around your calves, you are sighing with pleasure, and love it when we tickle behind your knees, you are kissing him as I reach round and touch your breasts, you turn to kiss me me and he touches your breasts, we break apart and look into each other’s eyes and smile, I have wanted something like this to happen for years and finally it’s happening me and another man just worshipping my wife’s body, and you are really enjoying it, and now he is touching your breasts over your blouse, you turn and feel his hard cock and sigh with pleasure, as do I when I see what you’re doing, I kiss you and slide my hand up your skirt and stroke your thigh, I can’t get any higher as his hand is already stroking your pussy and making you squirm, god this is heaven, you sit back and open your legs, so you have one over each of us, this allows me to stroke you pussy too, you tell us to get our cocks out, we can’t do this fast enough, you wank us for a while, and I pull your panties to one side and as I do this he slides 2 fingers into you, and says god this feels so good, you are so wet, you respond by bending over and taking his cock in your mouth, I whisper into your ear I love you, and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am, you nod your head grab my hand and say finger me as well, I slide my fingers in alongside his, this feels so sexy and so dirty at the same time, we finger fuck you together, you alternate, between sucking both our cocks,and wanking the one not being sucked, I slide off the seat and start to lick you as we both continue to finger fuck you, he has now got your breasts out and is gently pulling the nipple, and gently nibbling at it as well, you are in heaven and loving it your head is thrown back and you are just wanking us both, he leaves your breasts and slides down next to me, and starts to kiss and lick your thighs, I move out of the way and offer him your pussy to lick, he wastes no time in taking over from me, and soon has you shouting out that you are cuming,I kiss you as you cum,and we hug eachother,then you feel he is fingering and licking you again, you stop him and tell him it’s our turn, and as we sit each side other you still gently feeling your breasts and pussy,you wank us both off, we clean ourselves up he says that was fantastic and you are such a horny dirty bitch,and would love to meet us again, you say maybe, and we get his details, I hope we do as this has been such a horny experience, and having another man kiss, touch and lick my wife and to be there when it happened, has been fantastic.