Written by Lucky John

23 Jul 2018

Having spent a great day at the knoll nudist beach, studland I was feeling a little horny. My wife and I had not been getting on for a while and the day helped us connect. It certainly made me feel good as whilst sunbathing in the dunes, Pat had got a lot of attention from the meerkats. She was not aware, or so I thought, until I mentioned one guy was wanking while looking over at her. She said she knew but was ignoring him. Not sure that was true as I had noticed her legs were spread wide apart and she kept saying she could feel something crawling on her cunt. That is why she kept rubbing it.......

Anyway nothing happened and we packed up about7 and headed back to the road, a long walk. Two of the guys were clearly following but Pat was not interested so I didn’t push it.

Ferry back to Sandbanks and headed home. However when I got the urge for a piss we found ourself in Meyrick Car Park, as I now know, a well known dogging spot.

As I was outside relieving myself I could see a group hanging around a car, mainly men but two women, all facing the car. Some guys obviously had their trousers pulled down.

Pat got out and asked what was going on, and I suggested we go over and see.

Well that was a big mistake by me.

Within seconds of us arriving at the group, my wife of 20 years was being touched and groped by three guys, whilst she was watching the couple fucking in the car. The woman was straddling the driver and the seats had been put down so her ass was clearly on view.

I reached forward to take Pats arm but two guys grabbed my arms and stopped me. I felt helpless but did not struggle much as I noticed my cock was stiff.

Pat was not resisting either. In fact she was rubbing her cunt again, hand down her pants. The guys were rubbing her ass and tits and one guy stood in front of her, cock in hand. She just dropped to her knees and took him, deep throat, without pausing, I knew that was her specialty and the feeling of how tight her throat was as she swallowed you whole. Well he lasted no time at all, shooting his load deep in her throat. When he pulled out there was no dripping from her mouth but she licked her lips and said, next.

The three guys groping her were stiff and ready to go, queueing, almost politely, to take their turn. She looked at me and said, you wanted this didn’t you and this is the last time you will ever see me being fucked and you will never fuck me again. And she was true to her word, sucking all three guys, licking out the two girls and allowing the other guys to take her clothes off. I was being held tighter now but even so couldn’t take my eyes off the sight in front of me.

The guy in the car got out, dripping spunk from his really big cock. How was he still so hard, and big. He approached my wife but even she couldn’t get his cock in her mouth, picking her up under her arms he just put her down onto his cock, pausing a short while as she wriggled to fit him in. It took a while but finally she was bouncing up and down, throwing her back and screaming in pain and pleasure. The two guys holding me pushed me forward so that my head was only inches from my wifes cunt, I could smell her but not touch. After what seemed seemed like 20 minutes she collapsed, limp and simpering on the cock that was still hard and deep inside her. Take the car keys out of his pockets and give them to me.

She climbed down, picked up her clothes, took the keys and said, I never want to see you again. That was two weeks ago and she has changed the locks, her mobile phone and won’t answer the door. I am so fucking sorry this happened.