Written by Marjorie

27 Dec 2006

It went on for about a year and a half while we

lived in the village.When my husband was at work

he'd visit and i had to take his big erect thing

many many times,compared to my darling husbands it

was monsterously huge and thick and he knew how

to use it inside me too,i suspect i was not this

arrogant lechers first (or last) victim,but i didn't

care and it still excites me to remember it all.

He'd fuck me in our bed and at the vicarage too

and make me take his awful tasting horrible penis

in my mouth and make me swallow his semen,it tasted

awful but i had to swallow it all i recall.I was

more than willing to go along with the aging perverts

whims though.The most awful thing he used to do was

insisting on putting his thing into my bottom,it was

too big and it hurt,but he enjoyed it greatly and

i had to take it often during that time,sometimes i'd

lay in bed at night next to my husband with my back

passage burning from a session with that wicked

man who had ejaculated between my cheeks that afternoon.