Written by GJ

18 Aug 2006

When you get into the back seat of a taxi after a night out and your wife takes your hand and places it on her nylon clad knee, then slowly opens her legs, you have every right to believe that you are about to have a good time when you get home.

When your hand slips higher enjoying the texture of the fine dark brown tights covering her thighs and she slides forward so that your hand can go between her legs you know you are onto a winner.

When your fingers discover that there is a sizeable hole in the crotch area of the tights and that the panties that you know she was wearing earlier are also missing, you mind goes into overdrive.

When she whispers in your ear ‘I have been rather naughty, but I think you will enjoy it when I tell you who has been inside me’ you just know you are in for a great night, provided the green monster of jealousy does not get the better of you. Don’t get angry enjoy the moment. After all I was the one who told her time and time again that I would love her to come home to me just as she is now, well fucked!

When my fingers venture inside I find a very wet well opened pussy, as my fingers slip deeper she whispers ‘He fucked me again and again and you were in the bar thinking I was dancing, you never came to see where I was, why didn’t you stop me, you knew he was there tonight.’

When I realised it could only be Billy that she was talking about my cock was rock hard. It had been almost twenty years since he had fucked my wife in the toilets at a hotel where we all celebrating our football success. Over the years I had enjoyed Lyn telling me how she came out of the ladies to find him waiting and how he took her back inside, she sucked him and then fucked him as he sat on the seat and then he humped her from behind. She told me some time later that she rejoined me, and the rest of our group, at the bar with his spunk dribbling into her panties. We left soon after and because she was so drunk she went straight to the bathroom when we arrived at home, I still didn’t realise that her pussy was full of his spunk. By the time she came into the bedroom I was dozing and therefore missed the opportunity of slipping into her well-used cunt. It took almost a month before she admitted what they had been doing after much persuasion from me whilst we fucked.

Whenever I saw Billy I always felt a little annoyed, him shagging Lyn and getting away with it whilst I was at the bar really did piss me off. I knew Billy would shag any woman he could get his hands on and knew his wife had caught him in bed with a girl of eighteen one afternoon. However, whenever Lyn recounted the story I would cum and cum. I didn’t like seeing him but loved the thought of him shagging Lyn that evening. She assured me that he had not fucked her again after that first night despite me telling her that I was convinced that he had. I certainly had my suspicions. I remember coming home early one Thursday night (my regular night out) and finding her in bed dressed in very lacy black basque and seamed stockings but no panties. She told me she had been waiting for me and such was my excitement finding her dressed to please that I assumed her wetness was due to expectation, thinking back now, she did have a very sticky cunt that night!

When we arrived at home I helped Lyn out of the car, paid the driver and took my wife into the house. We went straight into the lounge and Lyn lay on the sofa as I pushed her short dress further up her thighs. With the dress around her waist I could see that the tights had been well ripped and laddered and her cunt lips were puffy and very wet. Lyn just said ‘I need you to fuck me and let me have all your spunk, I know you love me being fucked and his cock was so big I had forgotten how good it felt.’ ‘Tonight wasn’t the first time since he had you in the toilets either was it?’ Lyn replied ‘Tell me you Love me’ I told her I did and as I entered her lovely wet cunt she said ‘Please don’t come too quick, but Yes he did have me again afterwards but I felt guilty and stopped meeting him.’ ‘I just knew you had and where did he have you tonight’ I asked, Lyn said ‘ I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t left me alone, he was staying at the hotel, he shagged me in the toilets first then took me upstairs’

When she told me how Billy had rubbed her cunt as they stood at the crowded bar and eventually ripped a hole so that he could finger her as they stood talking, I pumped my first lot of spunk deep into her wet hole. Lyn asked me to keep rubbing her clit and keep moving inside her as she said she wanted her fifth orgasm and sure enough she achieved it crying out ‘Fuck me, fuck me hard give me all your fat cock.’

When she eventually came down from her high she began to tell me how she had seen Billy watching her from the end of the bar. She said that when she left the dance floor he called her over. He explained that he had only come back for the party and was now divorced. Lyn said he was as charming as ever telling her how good she looked, how great her legs were and with his hand on her bum, told her she still felt as good as ever. Lyn said she could see me at the far end of the room chatting with my mates and when he asked if she wanted a drink she agreed. A few more people arrived and the bar became quite busy forcing her to move closer to Billy. He wasted no time and his left hand was working its way up her thigh. ‘Bloody hell Lyn, you the lady who always wore sheer stockings are wearing tights!’ Lyn said she replied ‘You thought you could just get your fingers in my knickers didn’t you’ ‘Oh I can and I will’ said Billy and putting his drink down on the bar both hands were quickly up the hem of her dress and the fine nylon covering her wet pussy was pulled apart. Billy turned and smiled ‘How are you going to explain that then?’ His left hand was soon back between my wife’s thighs and then pushing her lacy panties to the side his fingers found their way into what Lyn described as her very wet cunt.

When Billy had managed to get a finger inside my wife’s wet pussy he moved it very slowly and told Lyn that it seemed someone was pleased to see him. He then took my wife’s hand and unzipped his trousers and forced it inside, she said he was not wearing any underwear and that her fingers met a rapidly hardening cock. She gripped it as best she could and he continued to finger fuck her cunt as she rubbed him. Lyn said ‘I looked across at you and you were chatting to Dave’s wife and you seemed to have forgotten about me.’

Lyn continued ‘Billy was really getting to me telling me how he had often thought about me when he was shagging other women and how good my cunt felt around his fingers’ he also told her that she needed to feel his big cock humping her and Lyn said that she admitted that it sounded rather a good idea. Billy said ‘The Ladies again, just like the first time?’ Lyn said she just nodded and told him to follow her.

When they arrived at the toilets she checked inside, she said one lady came out and they then both then went into the cubicle furthest from the door. She said that Billy pushed her dress around her waist and with her right foot on the toilet seat he knelt down and pushed his tongue into her very wet hole, he told her she tasted great and when they kissed for the first time she was able to taste her own juices. Billy very quickly dropped his trousers and Lyn said she pulled away to get a good look at his massive cock, she told him it was the biggest she had ever had and Billy said ‘You could have been having this for years if you hadn’t felt so guilty, I was not wanting to split you two up I just wanted a good fuck each week and you certainly gave me a good shagging.’

When Lyn went to suck his cock he told her she could do that later, explaining that he had a room that they could use. Lyn asked why they hadn’t gone straight there and Billy said ‘This is much more fun, I clearly remember the first time I shagged you in the toilets, I came and came and could not get you out of my mind, I have waited years to do this again.’ Lyn said he then sat on the toilet seat and pulled her onto his cock and she felt every inch has she slowly moved onto him and he slipped effortlessly inside her cunt. Billy said ‘Feels good doesn’t it, your cunt was made for my cock, I am going to fuck you slowly down here so try and keep quiet and then when I get you upstairs you are can make as much noise as you like cos’ I am going to fuck you harder than you have been fucked for years.’

When Lyn came she said Billy lifted her off then turned her around and fucked her as they both stood up. Lyn said she had to lean forward and hold onto the toilet cistern as Billy shagged her faster and faster from behind before he shot his load inside her. She said her panties were pulled back in place so that they could leave and move upstairs and that he had filled her full of spunk. They left the toilets separately and she again joined Billy at the bar, I was still chatting to Debbie so Lyn said it was easy for Billy to encourage her upstairs for some more.

When they got to his room Billy helped Lynn out of her dress and told her to lie on the bed. He then removed her bra leaving her in ripped tights, panties and high heels. Bill then stripped off himself and got his camera from his bag, Lynn said she protested but he made her pose although she said she covered her face. Billy was wanking as he took his pics telling my wife how he wanted her to pose, she said this was really getting her going and she was now begging him to get his big cock inside her. Billy then told my wife to slowly pull her tights and panties down as he clicked away. When they were around her knees he instructed her to kneel on the edge of the bed and he forced his cock deep into her cunt and began fucking her hard, as he had promised. As she recounted her story I too was behind her as she knelt on the sofa and was feeding my hard cock into her too. She was still telling me how he had fucked her when I came again. She was still on her high and was rubbing her clit as she lay back on the sofa, I was wiping my cock as she came again.

When we enetually got into bed my wife admitted she wanted more big cock and as often as she could get it. She also said that Billy would be around for the weekend, and that he was hoping she might pop over. She admitted that she had told him that she would try to visit and asked if I was happy to allow her too. She said he wanted to see her in seamed stockings again and that she really would like his cock again before he went home, she said she would like me to drop her off and pick her up so that I could enjoy her cunt full of his spunk, I agreed the following morning................so there is more to follow.