Written by zzr6

9 May 2006

Just thought I'd write a quick note about a spontaneous encounter at lunch!

I had to go to a local Library at lunch, and as I was passing the gents loo, I thought I would pop in and

see what they were like. Usual urinals, and 2 cubicles. One of the cubicles had its door closed, so I went into the next one, took out my cock and began to have a piss. As I was having a piss, I glanced down and saw that there

was a hole, about the size of a 10p, in the partition. I could see a bit of movement, so I decided to start wanking my cock, in line with the hole.

After a couple of mins, a hand appeared under the partition, gesturing me to drop down, so I did, and he started to wank me off. Next thing, his bare knees appeared at the bottom of the partition and he gestures for me to put my hand under, which I did, What a cock, rock hard, and fat. I started to wank him and rub his balls, and a quick finger of his bum hole, and back to wanking again. I could hear him breathing a bit heavier, then he spunked

all over my hand and floor. After that, I pulled away, zipped up my trousers, and left, still with his spunk on my hand. When I got outside, I licked off the cum, got in my car, and drove back to work! Honest story, and totally

unplanned and expected!