Written by 'shortie'

6 Jun 2006

I can't wait for the warm to arrive. It means that I can start wearing shorts again to go out in. I have a few pairs of football shorts that have no lining, so even when slightly arroused they leave not much to the immagination.

I find it really go shopping and the checkout (with a nice long queue) then think about anything that will give me a semi hard on. I can sense mtself gently pulsing against the fabric inside my shorts.

One day I was about six people back waiting my turn in KFC when the same thing hapened. I turned around slowly once or twice just in case anyone was interested. If anyone was they were being just as discrete as me. Anyway i got my meal and took it upstairs. No one else came up after me, so I just sat and ate my meal and kept myself aroused just in case.

The toilets were upstairs, so I went before I left.

I was washing my hands when this man in a suit came in, he went into the cubicle and said to me 'come on then'. I hesitated then he said again 'I'm the manager here, I noticed you downstairs and I've been watching you on the security camera. I don't have long so come on'

I went inside with him and he put his finger to his lips as though saying shhh. He slid my shorts down and I stepped out of them. I was no longer semi but rock hard, and he seemed experienced and well able to handle most of my length. It seemed a long time but I suppose it wasn't before I exploded. A little of my juice seeped out of his mouth but he caught it with his finger, I suppose not wanting to spill any on his worksuit. I wanted to let out a groan but rememberd his shhh.

I knealt down wanting to return the favour but he said 'no, just wank me into the toilet'. Strange I thought but one good turn......... I stood behind him reached round and released his cock. He was about the same size as me so enough to get hold of. I've never wanked a man before so it took a short while to get into a rytham that suited him. I felt him shake and knew he was coming. What an explosion, It surprised so much that I aimed his cock anywhere but at the toilet and it splashed against the tiles.

I squeezed his cock and got out the remaing drops onto my hand and kept that for myself.

'You get back', I said, 'I'll Clean up.

As I leaving the toilet I looked behind then said to myself thank goodness for toilet doors that go to the floor. No Shadows!

Here's to a long hot summer.