Written by Val

16 Oct 2003

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the early steps in broadening my sexual education with my tutor and lover Rod. Although those steps culminated in my rape during my first dogging experience, the whole incident was at the same time very exciting and highly sexually gratifying. Being a typical fickle female, I soon gave Rod the elbow for his failure to protect me, but I kept on fantasising about similar situations. But I certainly wasn’t going dogging on my own – it would simply be too dangerous.

The solution came out of the blue. We had some friends staying over for the weekend, and during the course of the Friday evening, a rather drunken conversation drifted round to the topic of sex, and then more specifically, dogging. The topic seemed to spark my husband’s interest and he suggested that the following evening we should all go ‘dogging’.

Of course no-one was more surprised than me, and I was intrigued that my husband was still interested in some aspect of sex. Activity between us had been at a minimum for some months. So, on the following evening, after a few drinks, the four of us went to a local dogging venue listed on Swinging Heaven at about ten o’clock. What a waste of time! Nothing!

Somewhat disappointed, we returned home, but my husband whispered to me that perhaps we could try elsewhere the following weekend. What more could a girl ask for? – an interest that I could share with my husband. So the next Saturday, at my husband’s prompting, I dressed in my sexiest underwear, a short PVC skirt, a crop top and black fish-net stockings and high heels. He even complimented me on my appearance.

When we got to the venue, we struck lucky. There were several car parked and four or five men gathered around the open passenger door of one of the cars that was parked there. We sat there quietly for about ten minutes, with the windows open and we could hear occasional female moans and groans combined with bursts of laughter from the men. Eventually we got out of the car and moved nearer. As we approached the car we could hear that the woman’s moaning was becoming almost continuous, interspersed with cries of Yes, yes! Oh God and Aaaaah!

When we got to the car, we could see that the woman in the passenger seat was lying back with her feet on top of the dashboard, with her legs splayed wide. The driver was playing with her nipples and alternately kissing her neck and her breasts. One of the men had his hand between her thighs and was frigging her clitoris and vagina vigorously, while the woman was wanking another man standing by the door.

The other spectators parted and my husband pushed me forward so I was surrounded by them. I think they were a little startled but it did not take long for them to start feeling me up. As I looked down at the woman, she smiled at me and blew me a kiss, and then ran her tongue around her lips. At best, I’d describe her as plain and overweight.

Probing fingers were climbing up my legs pushing my skirt up and when they reached my crutch, I was happy to open my thighs to allow them access to my clit and vagina. It’s a good job the only light we had was from the interior light of the car so my husband couldn’t see the pleasure on my face. Mind you, he probably wouldn’t have worried as he’d got his prick out and was trying to get the woman to wank him.

Unfortunately, it started to rain and quickly it became very heavy. As we started back to the car, one of the men said let’s all go back to his place as it was nearby and he’d got some good porno films, so the evening needn’t be a complete washout. I don’t think my husband even asked me, he just said great and the four or five cars drove out of the car park in convoy.

The rain was really thrashing down, but it was only five or ten minutes drive to the man’s house. We had to park about a hundred yards away so by the time we got into his house we were soaked. He was an excellent host and gave us all stiff whiskies to warm us up. I was sitting in the middle of the settee, with a stranger either side of me, while my husband had made himself comfortable in an armchair. Looking round the room I realised that the woman in the car and her partner were not there; it was just my husband and me and four strangers. If there had been another woman present I wouldn’t have had many misgivings, but as the only woman I began to feel rather vulnerable and that things could get out of control.

Our host turned the television on and fed a video into the machine. The plot of the film was minimal – a good-looking white girl was serving drinks to three or four black men in a bar. It didn’t take long for her waitress gear to be discarded and her lips (mouth and vaginal) were being stretched by a selection of enormous black pricks. This was the first time I had seen a porno film (I did tell you that I had had a sheltered upbringing) and the first time I had seen a black prick.

As I watched the writhing images on the screen, I realised that I was being turned on by the activity. I could feel a curious itch in my clit and I tried to move surreptitiously in my seat to relieve it. I then noticed that the men were paying little attention to the video, but were watching me. This knowledge made my nipples start to swell and harden and poke against the thin material of my crop top. One of the men sitting next to me turned my head towards him and he kissed me on the lips, his tongue teasing my lips apart and fluttering like a butterfly against my tongue. His other hand started kneading one of my breasts and soon the guy the other side unbuttoned my crop top liberating my tits altogether.

Although the men were not particularly attractive I was getting increasingly aroused and my long legs were spreading wider and wider, so those sitting opposite me could see easily up my short skirt, which had ridden even higher up my hips. One of the men beside me lifted his leg over mine, so that I couldn’t close my legs. The bloke the other side followed suit so my legs were locked wide apart. One of the spectators got up and knelt between my stockinged thighs and lowered his head towards my pubic mound. At first he nibbled at my clitoris through the flimsy material of my thong. Then he pulled the gusset of my thong to one side and sucked on my clitoris. He then pushed his fingers on either side of my clitoris so my private button popped out from under its little hood. “’Ere, look at ‘er clit,“ he laughed and moved so everyone could see it. Our host got up and said hold it, and left the room for a moment and returned with a camcorder and started filming my clit.

Someone made a comment about making our own porno film, and from that moment the atmosphere in the room changed. Perhaps I should have tried to stop it there, but I was past the point of no return. The concept of being filmed, having a permanent record of my debauchery, for strangers to drool and wank over, brought me close to an orgasm. Whatever they wanted to do to me. I wasn’t going to stop them. A few more licks of his tongue on my exposed clitoris pushed me over the top to my first orgasm of the evening. My hips bucked against his questing tongue as I realised that my most intimate moment of orgasm was captured for posterity on video.

They wanted clearer access to my cunt, so someone just ripped my thong off. My husband laughed and said, “I’ve always wanted to see men fuck her stupid. I want to see her really taken apart!” I looked at him and saw that he had his prick out and was wanking himself furiously.

They dragged me off the settee, and put the cushions on the floor. I thought that if I could stay on my feet I might be able to avoid the worst, but they pulled me down and my ordeal really started. Our host had briefly left the room, and when he returned he announced that this was going to be a good night and that he ‘d called up some reinforcements. My crop top was removed altogether, so I was lying there with my skirt rucked up round my waist, fish net hold ups and black high heel shoes.

“Get her naked,” someone called, and despite my protestations my skirt was unzipped and pulled down my thighs and over my feet. They took my shoes off and just tore my stockings off. Although I tried to cover myself I felt so very vulnerable. The contrast between me absolutely naked, being ogled by a group of still clothed strangers emphasised my helplessness. Further, they were being encouraged by my husband….

I said that I didn’t want to go any further, but our host told me to lie back and enjoy it, because I was going to be pulling a train tonight. The whisky bottle was tilted to my lips and I was forced to take six or seven large swigs before I could turn my face away. I tried to get up, but a couple of hands gently but firmly pushed me back down on to the cushions and I felt their power over me and that resistance was futile. I realised that I would have no say in the matter and that I was going to be used to satisfy their every desire no matter how obscene.

Fingers were probing my vagina roughly. I had been getting wet watching the video, so three fingers were forced into me without difficulty. But the sadist who was frigging me decided to add a fourth finger in my cunt. By this time I was really wet and my love juice was beginning to run out of me. Another guy, more forward than the others, had stripped off completely. His prick was semi-hard and getting harder, and appeared about six inches long. As his prick reached full rigidity, he knelt between my thighs. I had held my legs together, but the pressure of his knees on mine forced my thighs apart. He lowered his body on to mine but I was trying to push him away from me and I kept twisting my hips to prevent him from entering me.

He just allowed his body to press down on me, and I could feel the strength in my arms slowly ebbing away. His face was getting closer to mine and despite my struggles his lips eventually made contact with mine. The weight of his hips pressing down on mine gradually stilled my struggles until I felt his prick pressing against my labia. This contact made me renew my struggles, but these were shortlived as his penis forced its way through my labia and further into my vagina. He pushed forward, deeper into me and set up a rhythmic pumping. His tongue was probing my mouth and his rough hairy chest was rasping on my erect nipples. The spectators, including my husband, were calling helpful comments like, “ Let’s hear her moan,” and “She likes it rough!”

The obscenity of the situation, and my awareness of the video camera unblinkingly recording the scene still excited me, and I felt a familiar stirring deep within me. Despite his probing tongue filling my mouth a muffled moan escaped my lips. He raised his face from mine, and started to thrust harder and deeper into me and my moans steadily rose in intensity, and in time with his thrusts. Suddenly he speeded his thrusts and I realised he was rapidly approaching his climax. I felt his prick jerk deep within me and with each spurt of his thick white cream into me, my second orgasm hit me and I heard myself cry, “Aaaaaah!” in satisfaction.

He pulled his prick out of me and moved up my body saying, “Lick me clean, slut.” His prick was waving a couple of inches in front of my face, glistening with his spunk and my love juice. I complied and could taste my love-juice, which made me feel even more horny. As he stood up he glanced round the room and said, “Look at that tart! She’ll just keep on coming now!”

I had hoped for some respite, but he was quickly replaced by another bloke who gained easy access to my well-lubricated cunt. He’d only thrust into me four or five times when I came again, bucking him up and down on my hips as my cunt convulsed. My moans and groans reached new heights and clearly gained the approval of my audience. As he continued to pound my vagina, my entire body was jerking involuntarily as if an electric current was passing through me, and I realised that my body was out of my control. I was to become a vessel for their gratification, and that I wasn’t getting out of there until they were completely sated and had had me as many times and ways that they wanted. The men and my husband were jeering and meanwhile it was all going on to video.

My head was pulled to one side and a rigid prick was pushed against my lips. I opened my mouth and realised I was sucking my husband’s prick. Soon I wasn’t sucking but he was just fucking my mouth. When the man between my legs had come the next man lifted my legs on to his shoulders and pushed his prick into my vagina. My moans were almost continuos despite my husband’s prick in my mouth. My groans were interspersed with cries of “Oh god! Yes, yes, yes! and Fuck me harder!”

As yet another prick spurted its milk inside me, I was aware of four or five more men crowding into the room. One in particular caught my eye. He must have been nearly six foot six, although from my viewpoint flat on my back, it is hard to tell exactly. He leered down at me, and immediately started to strip his clothes off. He was not a prepossessing sight. His head was shaved and he had studs and rings all over his face. When he removed his shirt, his well-muscled body was smothered in tattoos. His prick, when it was exposed was bigger than the others I had seen that evening, but not exactly massive. He pushed my husband out of the way and pushed his prick into my mouth. He hadn’t washed for a while because his penis tasted strongly of stale urine, but I was intimidated enough to continue sucking him without complaint. Indeed his disgusting taste and appearance added to my degradation and humiliation which perversely increased the excitement that I was feeling. He kept forcing his prick into my throat so my stomach kept trying to throw up.

Treat of treats, after a couple of minutes he squatted over my face and lowered his arse on to my mouth saying, “Lick me out, you slag.” If his prick was revolting his puckered anus was even worse! But his fingers were playing with my exposed clitoris sending waves of pleasure through my abused body. In spite of the taste, with a sense of bravado I pushed my tongue into his arse and I was rewarded by hearing grunts of approval from him.

When another of the spectators wanted to join in he growled, “Wait your turn and continued to grind his arse on to my mouth. Eventually, he tired of this got up and knelt between my splayed thighs. As his bulk loomed over me I felt the pressure of his prick against my vagina, which by now was so sensitive that the merest touch had my hips jerking wildly. He pushed his penis home and started to fuck me with long steady strokes. His weight was supported on his arms and as I stared up into his face, it was as if he was totally oblivious of me as a person, but just as a vessel into which he was preparing to shed his semen. It seemed he was just using my cunt to masturbate himself. It all seemed so impersonal. Inevitably I felt another climax building and as the wave of desire swept over me I wanted to feel him deeper inside me. So I raised my hips further towards him to help him penetrate me further. I locked my legs behind him, firstly around his hips and then, as I got closer to my orgasm, round his waist. My arms reached out round his neck and pulled his body hard on to mine crushing my breasts against him. Despite his grotesque appearance, the mounting waves of pleasure that were emanating from my cunt made me feel an odd affection for him, and I clung to his muscular body unwilling to release him, even for a moment. As my orgasm peaked our two bodies felt as one, and I knew that if we met again he could have me again as many times as he wanted, and to satisfy any desire he had.

My vagina was clenching and releasing his prick so tightly that he could not resist any longer and I could feel his semen squirting into my vagina. God, was he a heavy cummer! When he had finished with me several other men fucked me, and overwhelmed by orgasm after orgasm I passed out.

When I came to, I had been carried into a bedroom. I was lying on my back with my legs opened wide above my head, while a man was working Vaseline all round and into my arsehole. I groaned and started to protest but one of the men told me that a couple of them wanted something more unusual. My belly was sticky with spunk and I realised that they must have continued fucking me while I was unconscious. In this ungainly position with my feet over my head and my cunt and arse completely exposed to everyone’s gaze a guy clambered on top of me and forced his rigid prick into my anus.

Thank heavens he wasn’t particularly big, but even so the initial pain was considerable as he sodomised me. Having vainly tried to resist at first I relaxed my sphincter as much as possible once he had defeated me. Having had it up my arse only once before, my passage was still tight and it wasn’t long before he was pumping spunk deep inside my bowels. The next man told me told get on my hands and knees, and having positioned himself behind me entered my back passage with one long sudden thrust. I could feel his stiff wiry pubes rubbing against my arse cheeks.

“Ever had a double, darling?” he asked me.

My response of, “I don’t know,” caused considerable amusement. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

His mate joined us on the bed and laid down on his back so his rigid prick was pointing skywards. “Climb on,” he said. I shuffled across to him and I felt some relief as the cock up my arse slipped out. I straddled his hips and lowered myself on to his rigid pole. I sank right down on his prick, which filled me just comfortably, and started moving up and down his shaft. My cunt was so sensitive that it was only a few seconds before that wonderful feeling leading towards yet another orgasm started building up. My partner reached up and pulled me down, wrapping his arms round me and crushing my tits between our chests.

I was held down with my buttocks presented to the air, and I felt the bed wobble as someone positioned himself behind me. With horror I realised what he had meant by a double, and I cried out, “I can’t take two!” I tried to struggle, but with my body being held down and the second man grasping my hips my struggles were in vain. The pressure against my anus increased and although it was tight because of the prick already embedded in my cunt, eventually my sphincter yielded and I was pinned on a second penis.

I gasped at the pain of penetration, and while they manoeuvred themselves inside me. Eventually they were properly in place and started thrusting in me. They settled down into a rhythm, whereby one pulled back and the other thrust forward seemingly ever deeper into me. The sensations building up inside me had my body shuddering and bucking out of my control. The bed moved again and we were joined by a third man. A penis was presented to my lips and I sucked it in eagerly, only to realise that it was my husband’s. He pushed his prick as far into my mouth as he could , until my nose was buried in his pubes. Watching other men fuck me finally pushed him to his climax and I felt his prick jerk in my mouth and then hot spurts of semen on my tongue. I didn’t want to swallow so I allowed his spunk to trickle down my chin. The ever-present camera captured every drop.

No sooner had one man discharged his balls into my arse, he was replaced by another, and the continuous buggery was stretching my hitherto tight ring. My orgasms were merging into one and after five or six men had used me, I must have passed out again. When I came to, I was sprawled on my back with my legs spread wide, and our host’s Jack Russell terrier licking at the cum that was oozing from my cunt and arse. Each lap of its tongue on my sensitive clitoris and labia still caused my hips to jerk spasmodically in response. Most of the men were still crowded around the bed, making comments at my expense, and how I must be into animals, as they can make me come.

The ‘party’ seemed to have come to a natural close, and as I retrieved some of my clothes and dressed, I noticed great gobs of spunk in my hair and on my face. I smelt of sweat and sex.

When we got home I was so exhausted I just collapsed on the bed without having a shower. Spunk was still seeping from my vagina and my arse, so when my husband climbed on top of me with the biggest erection I’ve seen on him for years, he slipped into my sopping holes easily without further lubrication. Mind you both my holes were still stretched and distended, but he succeeded in giving me the best shag we’d ever had together. Now he wants to advertise on Swinging Heaven for our own gang-bang, but I’m reluctant. Although I lost count of the number of orgasms I had and was wonderfully satisfied, I still felt abused and humiliated. I’d like multiple orgasms – what woman wouldn’t – but these ‘parties’ are too risky. I had been reduced to a state where I didn’t care that I was being fucked bare-back in my arse and my cunt.

However, it has awakened my sexuality. I want to have a wide variety of lovers, and even threesomes, but no more. I also need to explore my bi side, and I will certainly be in contact with a couple of the ladies advertising in the Women seeking Women section of this website. Their photos make me feel so horny. It has also made me aware of my darker side and the pleasure I got from being abused. Being humiliated in front of several strangers was certainly quite a turn on for me. Further, since that dog licked my crutch, I have been obsessed with having sex with a dog. I fantasise about it frequently. Has any lady out there experienced it? What was it like? How did it happen? I’ve seen a couple of adverts from men looking for women willing to play with ‘pets’. I may contact them if I decide to fulfil my fantasy, but I need to hear others’ experiences first.