Written by Ian

3 Mar 2006

Hi, Thanks for the emails I got in respect of my previous instalment with the above title.

I am writing as there seems some interest in what happened next and after last week I have managed to endure / witness another discrepancy by my wife.

If you have read my first posting you will be aware that my mrs slept with my boss in the back of his car, and that I witnessed it unbeknownst to the two of them.

My wife is usually a shy unassuming fairly pru girl who Iam certain if she found out I knew about the whole thing would leave due to guilt etc. As such I have had to make the decision to continue as if nothing has happened and play dumb. However on the other hand I can’t help feel massively intrigued and curious about what is happening now with them

Considering it was just a fluke I witnessed the "first" meeting I have obviously banged my head about how I could find out / witness anything that might still be going on. After several weeks of thinking and being unsuccessful as far as I am aware I was pushed into making a dangerous decision.

Being the youngest guy in the office, I was asked (put upon) to undertake the IT issues within the office. It’s not mush of a task just contact the helpline when needed and try to help if anyone gets stuck. It’s not that iam that great with computers - just best of a bad bunch considering most the guys at our place are pre CAD 50 year olds. Anyway considering this I have administration privileges on the email accounts. This meant I could reset passwords and as such view someone’s emails!.

After a few days of deliberation I took the decision to do it one Thursday evening. Problem was obviously if I reset the password they would know but I had got an excuse ready that we had a system failure overnight and would reset everyone’s passwords to make it look like the entire system had a fault.

Thursday evening came and I made sure I was left alone to lock up claiming I had a design to finish for a deadline (even though I had done the job by Tuesday) My boss ran out the door as usual at 4:30 and gradually the other fells drifted home until by 6pm I was alone. I questioned again should I do it but had to satisfy my curiosity. I reset the passwords for everyone then logged into my bosses email. I searched the inbox as my heart beat in my chest wondering if my mrs had spoken to him. Anyway I went right back twelve months and could not find anything. I wondered if she was using a different address from her normal one so literally looked through every email that might have been a correspondence. After a while I figured how to only search for external emails which meant for an easier job but still nothing. So I decided to go to the sent items - again about 30 mins went by with no results. I actually started to feel disappointed!

I sat thinking and pondering a while. I then decided to go to a new message and type the first few characters of my Mrs email address and suddenly there it was - predicting her address! That means he must have sent an email to her! I then thought the deleted box!!! whilst my boss was pretty computer illiterate he new how to delete an email. in I went and sure enough after a while I found the sent email! It read:

"Tuesday 3pm here"!

My heart began to pound again as my head was filled with what this meant! I then could only find one reply to it which read:

"great - use ********email address******, luv Cas"

obviously she had set another address up and when I looked for that I found a couple of other mails, the dates referred to one a couple of weeks ago at the start of the year. his first one to the address read

"cant do here, meet me at the club, same time"

then a reply saying

"ok, I will leave work for a short while and meet you there"

this was obviously another meet - I looked at the dates and thought Jesus I had no idea - I checked the office diary and right enough it had an entry for the boss with a meeting with his largest client! I found it suddenly a big turn on - yet frustrating that I had no idea what had gone on!

The other emails didn’t reveal a great deal other than another meet that had fallen through cos he had not turned up! last correspondence was from my mrs asking when he was free at the start of this week but he hadn’t replied. I thought what can I do to monitor the situation as once he had reset the password I would have to do all this again. I made an even more dangerous choice that I would set the outlook to copy me in on every received email! something that could obviously get me the sack but I had to do it. so I sent it up and got the hell out of there making sure I got in early the next day to deal with the "problem" we had encountered.

It worked, no suspicion seemed to be raised and I instantly received emails of every one of my boss's correspondence. I took the decision to not look at any that were not relating to my wife and as such just deleted any other ones from my deleted folder to hide any evidence. It took until the next Wed until my mrs sent him another email - basically asking how he was and if he was free. He replied saying tomorrow at her house!

I thought right this is my chance - that night I made excuses and got my mrs out with a friend for a drink so I had the house to myself for a couple of hours. I managed to extend the webcam I have from a few years back through the bedroom wall and into our room. I had to guess if that’s where they would go but thought it had to be the most likely. I hid it in the corner of the room and tried to conceal it with some books and DVD’s. Then that morning I logged on and connected the image to a new msn account I made which I had left logged on at work the previous evening. Luckily the webcam had built in mic so would also get a little sound too.

I set off to work to and all looked good. my mrs had sent one first thing asking what time and my boss had said 3pm meet her there. Then at lunchtime the damm connection crashed so I lost the image! I decided to race home (12 miles away) in my lunch break and reset the link up. Fortunately I managed to get it sorted and back in time not to incur his poor timekeeping speech!

anyway half two came and sure enough the boss left - checked the diary and another appointment at his clients. I waited with baited breath at the picture - wondering if it would work, if I would get found out, if they would even use the bedroom!

Three o’clock came and past - it got to about twenty past. I started to think I had missed it or it hadn’t happened considering he hadn’t turned up the pervious time. I decided to ring my wife’s work - they said she had gone on a late lunch as she had an appointment with the doctor or something! - So I thought well she has fulfilled her part of the deal. It then got to 3:45 and I was struggling to divert work and concentrate on the picture when all of a sudden the door opened and in barged my mrs in her dark grey skirt suit. it goes down to about her knee tops and she had bare pale white thighs with no protection. She had her patent black heels on and a white blouse under the fastened tite grey matching jacket top.

she burst through the door towards the bed quickly followed by him she fell onto the bed whilst spinning and turning so she fell onto her back on the bottom edge of the mattress. He was undoing his belt and trousers still with his suit jacket on as he walked in. He paused, stood in front of her

as he got his trousers undone and bowers down releasing his hard on. she just lay on the bed with her thighs slightly parted watching him. her body was propped up on her elbows by her sides. He then suddenly leaned over her and fell on top of her pushing her thighs open and out. (presume she must have had no knickers on) as soon as he was on top his bum clenched and I heard her squeal a little and moan, he must have penetrated I thought to myself with a huge hardon in my pants. I quickly surveyed the office to check no one seemed alarmed or suspicious at what I was watching on my computer screen.

I returned to watch as after the first couple of slow long thrusts his pace immediately quickened and his arms were each side of her body as he moved back and forth up and down on top of her. It was hard to hear much - the camera being in the corner of the room but also I obviously couldn’t turn the volume up too high. I heard her moaning and him grunting some chat quite abruptly at her. As I say without being able to hear exactly what was being said he was obviously being quite course and crude with her.

His pace then really quickened and the bed head began to bang against the bedroom wall. The quilt began to sink behind my mrs’s back as she was pummelled into the bed with his weight and force. He began to press up on his tiptoes as his feet hung off the edge of the bed onto the floor so he could gain deeper penetration. Then as before his thrusts began to jerk and twitch, pausing each time he rammed into her. It was obvious he was cumming, especially as I heard my wife squeal and almost cry, with his hard deep penetration. It only lasted around 2 mins in total then he raised himself up with his arms at her side and stood up at the end of the bed pulling his trousers up as he did. He fastened the belt and tugged up his fly then turned and left the room. My wife responded by sitting up and sliding off the bed – hitching her dress down as she did. “wait a sec” – I heard her say as she left the room and that was it!!!

I wondered to myself with a huge hard on at my desk what was going on now. After a short time my mrs returned to the bedroom and straightened all the quilt and sheets then walked back out at quite a pace, I presume to get back to work.

I had to releave myself in the gents and 5 mins later when I got out, my boss came walking through the door with his briefcase in hand. He went into his offices and sat down at his computer opening his top shirt button and loosening his tie.

I went home that night and tried to sleep with the mrs’s but she wasn’t for having it saying she was tired and not in the mood! She didn’t even have a bath which she normally does every night.

Considering I now have the email access I am wondering what is going to happen next – and how to maybe actually witness the next meeting if there is one! Maybe more to follow…..