Written by Hubby

25 Mar 2005

Here we are, on the PC, she is chatting to a guy that she has just met online,and he has asked if she has a webcam. She says yes and the fun begins.

She is dressed in a black thong, with a half cup bra, all hidden in a dressing gown, her black hair falling just to her shoulders but hiding some of her face. She carries on chatting and slips the gown off, and his replies are getting more to the point, he wants to see her naked.

She slowly pushes her tits out of the bra, and fondles them, teasing him by pulling her nipples out. She turns towards the cam and gives him a full frontal, I move the cam closer, to give a real close up of the nipples. She is really giving them a good massage which is making my cock stand on end, so i rub it while following her with the cam, keeping her centre of the pic and she moves her hands across her body, until one strays under the material hiding her trimmed pussy.

She pulls the material aside, and lays on the bed next to the pc, I position and get a real good view of her pulling her pussy apart,to show her moist opening, dribbling juices.

My cock is really hard now and the cam is trembling but all he can see is her and he is loving it, egging her on to finger herself,so she starts.

She then gets her 10" dildo and starts to slowly rub it up and down her pussy,rubbing it on her clit and stroking it up and down until it just slides into her wet hole as she pushes it into her. Her other hand is now really pinching on her left nipple and she is twisting and moaning as she starts to really get into it.

I put the camera into a position where the bed is in central view and join the picture, he didnt mind and told me to stick it to her. I knelt down in between her thighs and sunk my face onto her pussy, sucking the folds into my mouth and running my tongue up and down her lips. That really gets her going and she pulls her pussy apart for me to be able to get inside her. My tongue needs no more invitation and i push my mouth onto her and sink my tongue into her hole as far as i can go.

Well the guy was going wild,. "give it to her m8" , and "bloody hell", "wow" and "oh fuck" where the phrases repeated on the screen as i got onto the bed and started to fuck her with the dildo as she deep throated me. Now the wife really likes to suck, but doesnt really like to swallow so I thought i'll give the guy a bit of a show. She is really bucking on the toy now and her arse is pounding up and down as I pull out and push in the whole 10 inches, and she is taking the whole of my 7" to the root,( a little unusual ) and sucking for all she is worth. Suddenly she grabs my arse and starts to pull me into her, christ her throat is spasming as she reflex swallows and FUCKing HELL, she is taking it down and loving it. She pulls away, the Cum trickling down from her mouth and says, now do me from behind. She pulls on my cock and gives it a quick suck, spins around and I push it into her pussy from behind. A few slow thrusts and he is back to his firm self and a slow deep, doggie is had by all.

We turned to the screen, and this bloke has been going wild. he has pulled himself off, so i thought ok mate lets finish this then. The wife needs no more egging on and starts to really thrust herself onto my cock,rubbing her clit with her hand at the same time and gropping my balls whilst turning her head and sucking on the dildo as a little effect for the viewer. She comes with a violent and loud orgasmic shudder, quickly followed by me spurting deep.

After a quick chat and bye bye, we close down the cam.

The wife turns to me and says "did u plan that"

I smile and say ," Sooner or later , the opportunity was there so i thought Yeah do it "

"Well next time , lets get a couple of them on the go"