Written by Tom

21 Nov 2006

M wife went out of town on business for the first time in quite a while. I was at the computer when she came home (which is our bedroom). As she started undressing she told me she had been a naughty girl. When I looked up she was naked and rubbing her hairy pussy. She asked if I were interested in hearing what happened while she was out of town. When I answered yes,she told be to get undressed and get in bed. By the time I got out of my clothes and into bed my wife was sucking my hard cock. She wasted no time and said that she needed to have a hard cock up her pussy. When she started riding me, she told me what happened. After her business meeting, she and a female friend went to a nearby bar for a drink. It so happened that this place was quite a night spot and there was plenty of drinking and partying and dancing going on. During one of the fast dances a black fellow came up to her friend and asked her to dance. Her friend danced that song and the next song, which was a slow one. When her friend got back to the table she told my wife she needed to dance with the black guy. When my wife asked why, her friend said you'll see. It wasn't long before the black guy came back over and asked Gina to dance. As they started dancing, Gina said that Bill stepped in close and pulled her next to him and at the same time pushed his crotch agaist her inner thigh. She said she couldn't believe the bulge she felt rubbing on her leg. When they were through dancing and Gina went back to the table and her friend asked her if Bill had rubbed his big cock on her. Gina said he sure did and my pussy is wet just thinking about it. Bill came back over and sat with Gina and her friend and as they had a few drinks, the talk became much more suggestive. He asked them if they had ever ridden a black stallion before. This caused the women to laught and start teasing back. It all ended up with Gina, Bill and her friend back in the hotel room. Although neither one of them got fucked, Bill pulled out his cock and masturbated for them both before he left. Gina said that she was so horny that she couldn't get home to get fucked. When she asked me what I thought, I rolled her over and fucked her like never before. That Friday I got an email at work from Gina that told me to go home and pack for a one night trip out of town. When I got home there was a note on the bed telling me which hotel to check into and what time to come into the bar to meet her. Her last sentence said, Don't approach me util I tell you too, and sit back and watch. I got a stirring in my grion wondering what this was going to be like. At the appointed time I went to the bar to look for my wife. It took me a minute to spot her but I saw her on the dance floor with a good looing black guy and they both where having a good time. When the song ended they went back to their table and starting drinking and laughing. My wife glanced at me and smiled. Her friend got up and went to the bathroom and I followed him. He was talking to another black guy as I came in and I heard him say. That is one hot white pussy I have out there! She was here early this week and nothing happened but I gave her my phone number just in case. She called me today and told me she wanted to pick up where we left off and that her pussy had been wet since she left. As I watched he pulled out what must have been a six inch soft cock that was bigger than mine was when hard. He left and went back to the table and he and my wife had a few more drinks before she got up and went to the bathroom. As she passed my table she dropped a note and this is what it said. Go to the room and get in the closet and don't say a word until I tell you to come out. I did as I was told. I hadn't been there long when I heard them come into the hotel room. I heard moaning and giggling and Gina said this is what I came back for. She positioned Bill on the be and got between his legs and began to suck his hard cock and rubbing his balls. I could see that she was positioning themselves so I could get the best view possible. Bill started moaning and said I'm coming and my wife just started sucking him harder. She had never done this to me before, but she kept her mouth on his hard cock and never stopped sucking until she had sucked every bit of cum. She then told Bill she was ready to be fucked by his big black cock. She laid back on the bed and he slid between her legs and rubbed his black cock along her slit. Gina said, please put in slow for me. Bill did just that, he took his time and gently placed what had to be 10 inches of heavy black cock up my wife's white pussy. She then told him to fuck her slow and easy. As Bill began to fuck her she started talking very naughty saying things like..You know you are fucking a married white womens pusyy don't you? How does that black cock like my wet white pussy? 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