Written by Gary E.

19 Aug 2006

Linda fell back on our bed saying very slurred' I've been fucked all night! All I could say was 'good girl' It was gone four sunday morning I was as much relieved as excited at her return. Last month she was home a lot earlier although not admitting to have being shagged she must have realised that I knew. My present of stockings and suspenders for her to go out last night had just confirmed my approval.

I had provoked her last month into her first unfaithful act since we married. Although we hadn't spoken of it since, last night she had left for her girls night out, knowing that I expected her to be picked up and shagged by some guy.

Linda had left with her friends dressed in the sexy undies I'd just given her, in telling her the stockings would make it easier, I'd left her no doubt what I'd expected.

I read a short account the other day of how some guy felt about his wife going with some other bloke for the first time, he's dead right there's jealousy, worry, but best of all the excitement. Some bloke you don't know will be buying her drinks getting her tipsy and chatting her up. Later he'll be unclasping her bra playing with her nipples and sliding his fingers into her knicks fingering her clit then inside her wet tunnel. Finally his prick leaving his spunk deep in her where only your prick had been.

The more I turned these thoughts over the more excited I'd become but the waiting was hard by two in the morning I was sure she must be with a guy by three I was getting very worried and a little impatient I wanted my lovely Linda home.

I had considered several scenario's, her being shagged in a dark alley, most likely the back of a car or even being taken back to a hotel room for the night.

Well gone four and a car pulled up outside and eventually dropped her off. 'I've been fucked all night' in bedside lamp light I could see her knicks sticking out of the top of her handbag dumped on the floor. Linda lay flat out across our bed I wrestled her arms out of the top of her dress the zip at the back fortunately left unzzipped I told her to lift her bum and slid it off. I always enjoyed undressing Linda when she was tipsy. Her bra was round her neck and fell away after pulling an arm from the straps.

Leaving her in only stockings and spenders went down between her open thighs, 'God was she sticky',I am ashamed to say that after only a short licking out I could not resist the need to bury my shiny knob in her very full vagina. Heaven so wet and cold as it went up. I shot my spunk up with his and pulled out my balls and pubes plastered in both our spunks.

Linda told me the chap had chatted to her at the bar he was on his own and bought her a lot of drinks her friends went on. They sat at a booth in the corner soon he had an arm round her kissed her and had a feal off her tits. It wasnt long before they were knecking and he had a hand up her dress. With fingers probing inside her she told him they had better find somewhere more private if he wanted it. They left it was already very late and he told her he had a house quite close, he was married but his wife and kid were away at her mothers.

He showed her to the bedroom, undressed her to her stockings and she got in his wifes bed, Linda told me he was bigger than me and fucked her a couple of times, she told him she was also married, he asked where I thought she was now. She surprised him telling him she imagined her husband would know she was with someone like him. He got hard at the thought and fucked her again. He ran her home in his car before it was light enough for the nieghbours to see them. He said he'd often imagined his wife getting it with some guy but she wouldn't do it and he wasn't sure he could let her he loved her. Linda told him to drop her at the door they had a final kneck outside and said goodnight.

I keep saying 'he' she says he likes to be called Hugh and asked for her phone number, she gave it telling him if I answered it would be O.K. Suspose it will be,'hell why not?' I love Linda and am very proud of how sexy she is. I would like her to enjoy being shagged by lots of men in the future. It is strange that just a couple of months ago she wouldn't entertain the idea of going with any one else but now I might be answering the phone to this bloke and arranging a date for her.I think I've started something that I hope will give us both a lot of pleasure.