Written by Rusty Nail

8 Jun 2006

My prim and proper wife, late 40's, medium height with beautiful 38DD tits, has only ever had sex with me, her husband and we've been married almost 30 years. The other day after getting home from a meeting at her office, she was a bit quiet and kept trying to avoid me. I pressed her as to what the problem was and she related this tale.

She'd had to go into the stockroom to do some photo-copying. She had her back to the door when she heard footsteps and the door closing. Thinking nothing of it she carried on copying. Suddenly, she felt a hand in her back push her forward, face down onto the copier. Before she knew what was going on, a hand brushed up her stocking towards her pussy. She tried to turn to see who it was but the hand kept her firmly down. The hand under her skirt got higher and higher, now pushing her panties to one side.

She felt firm fingers rubbing up her slit looking for her opening. She tried to wriggle away but without success. The probing paid off and two fingers entered her pussy and started moving in and out, fast then slow. All the time she was trying to get herself up but then she realised that her pussy was getting wet, she was trying not to enjoy it but she was still getting wetter. The fingers slid in and out more easily now because of this unexpected wetness.

The fingers were removed and she then felt a hard cock pushing to get in. It wasn't long before he was fucking her, still bent over the copier. The strokes were forceful but she was still getting wetter by the minute. Trying not to enjoy it, she kept giving a little struggle but she couldn't believe she was enjoying this unexpected fuck. She felt him tense then a spirt of hot cum entered her pussy, it was all she could do not to let out a moan of excitement. She felt him go soft still inside her pussy and she thought it was all over.

He got up and let her rise, but on turning around she saw two more young guys from the office wanking their hard dicks after watching her getting fucked. Before she could say anything, they grabbed an arm each and led her to an empty desk near the copier. They pulled up her skirt exposing her stockings and high heels. Her panties were ripped away like they were tissue paper. Then they pulled open her blouse and ripped off her bra releasing her big tits and hard nipples. They laid her down on her back on the desk with her head hanging over the end. One took hold of her legs, one in each hand and lifted them up over his shoulders. This gave easy access to her wet cunt still full of the first guy's spunk. His big cock slid in easily and she gave no resistance as she was surprisingly enjoying the attention of these well hung fuckers.

At the other end, the other guy had his 7" cock held out in his hand and he aimed it towards her mouth. Pushing it past her lips, he tilted her head backwards to get all his length in down to the back of her throat. She started slurping over his cock as he pushed it in and almost all the way out before plunging it back in again. She was getting more and more excited and wet, her nipples were getting harder and the guy fucking her mouth started rubbing her tits and feeling her nipples between his fingers. I was shocked at this as normally when we make love she doesn't like her nipples touched and's not that keen on blow jobs. The effect of fucking her mouth to this extent had the guy on the edge of cumming, she could sense this and asked him not to cum in her mouth as she didn't want him to, but it was too late. The force of his sperm splashing onto her tongue and hitting the back of her throat almost made her gag but more to the point it was making her wetter than ever down below. The sperm dripped out of her mouth on to the carpet.

At the other end she was being pounded by this hard cock ramming in and out of her cunt, her stockinged legs still over his shoulders and her high heels wrapped around his head. She was trying not to cum but was finding it hard not to. The fucking got more frenzied as he rammed home finally making her orgasm over his cock. He tensed and shot his cum into her throbing cunt. It was so full of sperm that it started to ooze out down her legs and run into her asshole. The guy who had cum in her mouth got her to lick his cock clean and this was followed by the cock from her cunt. This was sticky with two different lots of cum but she cleaned it right up.

They helped her up from the desk and she went to the ladies to clean up before the journey home, still not believing what had happened to her and more to the point, how much she had enjoyed being fucked by 3 almost strangers as she hadn't had any contact with them before today.

By the time she'd told me the tale I was getting more and more aroused, my cock as bursting to get out. We fucked like never before and talked about how she could repeat these events with me watching this time, in secret.

That will be for another time though...