Written by denjon

21 Jun 2007

The wife and I decided to go to the sand dunes for the day whilst on holiday in Fuertaventura and find a quiet spot to get a all over tan. It took some time for me to get her to go natural but on this hot day she finaly peeled everything off.

After a couple of hours of sunbathing a voice called out hello and looking up we saw a man in his thirties,very thin and wearing shorts. He spoke with a German accent and we engaged in idle chit chat.He was obviously enjoying the sight of my wifes good sized breasts and unshaven pussy because a huge bulge started to appear in his shorts. After a short time he realised we were new to this activity and departed.

My wife commented on the bulge and I told her that she had aroused and jockingly we named him helmet. We then dozed off for a nap.I was awoken by my wifes hand on my hand which she placed between her legs, I told her not to get too excited and that Helmet might still be around,she replied that she couldn'nt care less and he could have somee if he wanted her reply made my cock jump to attention and I started to respond. Whilst fondling her Helmet reappeared from nowhere and came into our recess in the dunes. My wife just lay there with her eyes shut pretending not to notice until I signaled to Helmet to get his shorts off and lay alongside her. She then noticed the size of his huge cock with its big head.

I couldn't believe the size of it. I started teasing my wifes nipple and Helmet gently cupped her other breast, my wife made no objections, he followed this by stroking the wet inside of her leg and eased his fingers into her pussy.

My wife turned away from me and pushed Helmet to one side and taking his massive cock in both hands began giving him a blow job.He looked to me signaling for his shorts and in the pocket I found a condom,his actions were looking for my approval and I responed by throwng them to him. My wife came off his cock and in that time he had put it on and was straddling her, she arched her back and took him in one go,together they were writhing, he sucking her tits and she pressing her fingers on the chheks of his arse leaving white pressure marks.

All of a sudden Helmet came my wife was still keen to play and pulled the condom off and started licking him clean.

As i layed there I was wondering what my role was in all this and then she got on her hands and knees and climbed over my face to reach down to my cock and started giving me a blow job,as I was about to put my tongue into Helmets condomless cock shot rock hard back into her and started pumping her. I was about to pull him out but the sight of her juices on his shaft and the increased effort she was putting into the blow job was making me come into her mouth. Before I coul cum she pulled Helmets cock out and placed over her hole and placed my hand into her pussy.Helmet easde his cock into her and she was happy to take the lot. In an instant we all came together in one flurry.

Afterwards we layed on our backs and Helmet stayed with us for the rest of the day fucking my wife twice more before he left

He invited to his place the next day to meet his wife for a get together.