Written by Sing-and-swing

15 Oct 2006

We have been married for 25 years and like most couples,

our sex life went a bit stale so we introduced new games to

bring back the excitement we had once felt. We talked about

our fantasies, tried some toys and eventually talked about

introducing another man into our relationship.

At first things were a little slow and like everybody else,

had our usual share of timewasters. I find it difficult

to believe that when men are offered no strings sex on a plate,

they back out and let us down at the last minute.

We had two men actually join us, one mid twenties and the

other about 19. They were both slightly disappointing

and we talked about trying to get an older man with a little

more experience. Susan is 46 and I am also 46, so we both had

high expectations when we had sex. Our sex life was actually

very good and we could have managed without the extra bit,

but we thought, you are only young once....

The more we talked about having an older guy, the more Susan

got excited about it. We tried to think what would be a good

age, and thought maybe somebody in there forties. Lots

of experience but still in relatively good shape body wise,

so we again looked at the ads on the site. Nobody really stood

out as being what we wanted so it sort of got put on the back


One night Susan was going out and got dressed in her usual

black number with hold ups and high heels. She has nice size

boobs, and shoulder length blonde hair. I felt the usual

pangs of jealousy as she walked out of the door.

I went to bed quite early and was asleep when she arrived

home at about 11:30. I heard the front door open and thought

she must have been quite pissed, as she was quite noisy.

I listened to her come up the stairs and she opened the bedroom

door and sat on the edge of the bed. She said that she had a

surprise and would I be all right with it. She had met a couple

of guys and brought them back as we had sometimes fantasised

about her doing just that. I had always thought the idea

exciting, watching her with a couple of guys. She said they

were a bit older than we had had before and she was feeling

incredibly horny and wanted me to watch her through the

crack in the door as she seduced then.

She had told them that I was away and she had a babysitter

who stayed over, and was already asleep in the spare room.

She had come upstairs to check that she and the children

were asleep. We walked down the stairs together so there

was only the noise of one set of footsteps, and she went into

the living room, pulling the door nearly closed behind


I looked in and saw one guy sat in the armchair and I was quite

shocked to see he was well into his sixties. I looked around

for the other and saw that he was also about the same age.

I knew we'd talked about older, but not this old.

She sat next to the one on the sofa and poured each of them

a glass of wine, and sat chatting for about 10-15 minutes.

The one next to her was called Tom, and the other was called

Ken. It was not long before the talk was about sex and Tom

put his hand on Susan’s knee and she did the same to him. He

then leant over and kissed her and she responded by opening

her mouth and putting her tongue in his. His hand moved further

up her leg and she parted her legs slightly so he could move

higher. Ken was on the edge of his seat, and he looked as if

he was not sure if he should be there. He suddenly got up and

sat on the other side of Susan, who immediately stopped

kissing Tom and started to snog him. His hand went straight

to her boobs and then both of them were feeling her boobs

through her top. Tom undid the zip on her dress and she leaned

forward so that they could remove it, one on each arm. Ken’s

hand went between her legs and pulled them apart so that

she had her leg over the top of his. He put his hand right on

her pants and I could see his fingers pull them aside and

start to play with her pussy. I could tell she was already

wet and she put her hands on their cocks outside their trousers.

Tom suddenly got between her legs and pulled her forward

so that he could lick her pussy. He was right in front of her

now so I couldn't see what he was doing but I could see

Susan’s face and she was in ecstasy.

Tom removed her bra and started sucking on her nipples and

she reached down and undid his trousers. I don't know

why but I had never thought of older men as being well endowed

but I was surprised at the size of his cock. It looked very

hard and the end was glistening wet as she pulled his foreskin

back and forth. Ken stopped licking her and stood up and

took off all of his clothes. He had his back to me for most

of the time but when he turned around to put his clothes on

the chair I saw that his cock wasn't quite as long but

very thick.

Susan had always played an active role in sex and she stood

up and removed the rest of her clothes except her hold-ups

and shoes. She knelt down in front of Ken and took his cock

in her mouth. Tom stood very close and she also took his cock

into her mouth at the same time. Each of them was reaching

down and playing with her nipples, which were rock hard.

The two men certainly looked their age when they took off

their clothes and I found it watch these two

old men stood naked in front of my wife whilst she sucked

their cocks.

She suddenly lay on her back on the floor and pulled Ken down

on top of her and he got between her legs and pushed his cock

straight into her. She came almost immediately and he pumped

himself in and out of her for the next 15 - 20 minutes. In that

time she must have had about 4 orgasms and she begged him

to cum in her. He got faster and faster and suddenly let out

a large groan and I could see his body stiffen as he shot his

cum in her. That always makes Susan cum and she came again

screaming out loudly about his lovely cum in her. Ken seemed

to collapse on top of her and lay quietly until she pushed

him off.

All that time Tom had been sitting in the chair opposite,

watching, and she beckoned him to get between her legs.

His larger cock slid in easily and he again pushed himself

in and out of her for about 10 minutes, again she came about

3 times and then he stiffened, let out a very loud groan and

came in her. For an old man he seemed to go on for ages, and

from my position I could see his cum leaking out of her as

he continued to pump into her. Susan had an almighty orgasm

as he continued to cum in her and was groaning louder than

I had ever heard her.

As Tom stood up I could see his cock still hard and glistening

with the juices that all three of them had contributed.

Again I was surprised that an old man would still have a hard

on after that.

The two men slowly dressed and Susan saw them to the door.

I ducked into the kitchen and watched as she kissed each

one passionately before closing the door behind them.

She came straight to me and I could see the cum running down

the inside of her legs. We went straight upstairs and had

the best sex we had ever had. And she delighted in telling

me all about it, even though she knew I was watching anyway