Written by saz

28 Apr 2004

This is a true story that happened about five years ago.We had just got married about year before and had moved into our own house.As an asian couple we are brought up in a very closed way that is why this incident was such a shock and a big turn on.My wife was 21 at the time and is very beautifull and always gets eyed up every time we go out,she has long dark brown hair and is fair skinned.On this particular day a builder was due to work on the extension we had started and i had to go to work,so i told the wife to look after the house.I work in an office locally and i decided to leave early that day and thought i could catch the builder to have a chat about the work.I caught him allright but doing a bit more than i had asked him to .As i was entering the house i thought i would enter the house from the back,as i did i thought i could hear some moaning and it sounded like my wife! i slowed down and slowly approached the kitchen door and i peeped , i was fixed to the scene in front of me.There was my wife in a doggy position on the kitchen floor with the builder fucking my wife! he was holding her long hair and fucking her hard and she was loving it.When we have sex it was lights out and the missionary position and here she is getting fucked by a builder who must have been in his forties and screwing her like mad.By this time i was hard and angry at the same time but could not move and as i watched he got quicker in his motion and started to hold my wifes hips and i knew he was about to cum,which he did right inside my wifes pussy.I have never mentioned this incident to anybody before untill now.