Written by Andy

21 Nov 2005

My wife and I had not had sex for over a year,when we fucked she loved me to masturbate her to make her climax but she avoided oral sex and preferred me not to suck on her nipples. When we did have sex (not very often) she would go along with my fantasy of wanting another man to fuck her and this would heighten our orgasms. After she'd given birth to another baby the Doctor suggested she have massage sessions some time after giving birth to help her recover. We found a masseur who was prepared to visit our home and when he arrived I could see she was delighted that he was quite mature but very attractive. I left them to get on with it and was mildly excited at the thought of this guy having private access to her lovely body. He'd brought his own special table which he set up in the bedroom and after some initial smalltalk it went very quiet and this made me all the more excited. I could hear the movement of them from downstairs and took myself off to the wc and had a fantastic wank imagining him running his hands all over her. I then went out in the car so that they knew they were left alone. I came back about an hour later and found his car gone and could n't wait to see her to find out how it was. I found her still in the bedroom but in bed lying on her back and really zonked out. I gave her a kiss on the lips, she turned slightly and I could see she was stark naked. She then gave me a huge grin, I asked her how it went and she just said it was fantastic. I started to get undressed and said I'd like to hear how it felt and she told me all about it whilst we had fantastic sex.He had given her a really good massage, shed told him what she liked, especialy her back and shoulders being massged and he had obliged her. She initally stripped down to her panties and just laid down on her tummy and he went to work with lots of oil.She loved the way he massaged the backs of her legs and up to her neck. After a while he asked if she wanted to turn over and she said Ok and he gave her a towel to cover her breasts. This she did and he carried on massaging her legs, thighs and moving behind her head to massage the front of her shoulders.She said that during most of the massage she could not help but giving out regular moans and sighs of delight and he told he it was a very nice sound. His hands gradually got closer and closer to her breasts and she looked to see that he was erect. He said to her that she was lovely and he wished all his clients were as nice. She told him she was really enjoying it and that he could massage her breasts and he just undid his trousers and placed her hand on his cock. She was loving it and she tookthe towel off and her just massaged and fondled her.He bent down and kissed her on the shoulders whilst massaging her breasts and she was now getting excited herself.She had hold of his cock and started wanking him in a frenzy and he then ran his hands down to her knickers, underneath and into her cunt. They then just made each other come and he motioned his cock near her head and she took him in her mouth and licked and sucked on him while he came inside her mouth. They then just got on the bed together, he stripped himself off, got straight on top of her and she guided him inside her and gave her a really good fucking, coming again inside her while she shoved her breasts in his face. She told him that she did n't even let her husband do that especially as she had been breast feeding and he really sucked down on her nipples whilst he pushed them towards him. He made her climax several times before climaxing again himself and ejaculating inside her.

As I said, she revealled all of this to me as we too were having sex 1 hour later and I felt and smelt him on her body as I fucked her.It was the most fantastic sex we have ever had and she plans to have more sessions with him in the next few weeks.