Written by Cuckoldcouple99

15 May 2006

Diane and I are into the cuckold lifestyle. We have posted on SH before about the first time she cuckolded me with Jerome, her black stud.

Jerome had arranged with Di to fuck her with one of his best (male) friends. Well, tonight is the appointed night and Di has gone to the hotel to meet up and get fucked.

She has not allowed me to have sex with her, or any relief for that matter, for the last week. She told me that she was saving herself for Jerome and Matt.

She came home early from her office job today. It was my day off as I work in retail and have to work this coming Saturday so I was home when she arrived. She gave me a teasing sensuous kiss which made me harder than ever, and with a cheeky grin said that she was going upstairs to prepare. She spent ages in the bathroom, and I waited patiently on the bed with a raging hardon. She eventually emerged from the en-suite naked, and the first thing I noticed was that she had no pubic hair - she had shaved it all off.Wow, she had only ever done this once in the past for me and then had complained that it itched afterwards. I asked her about this and she replied that Jerome prefers his sluts to be shaven and if shaven was what he wanted,then shaven he would get!

Di then went to the walk-in wardroab and I heard the rustling of plastic carrier bags. She had been shopping and purchased new items of lingerie that up until then, I had no idea of! She emerged with two bags and placed them on the bed. She then sat at the dressing table and spent ages applying her make-up and doing her hair. She asked me whether I preferred her hair up or down. I always think that she looks hornier with her hair up and this is what she plumped for.

Di then got up from the dressing table and started to remove the items from the bags she had left on the bed. First there was a black basque that she asked me to do up for her. When she turned around, I noticed that the front was PVC and it pushed her large breasts up to give her that wxtra wow factor.She then went to the dressing table and removed a brand new pair of seamed cuban heeled nylons and took great pleasure in putting them on and attaching them to the suspenders using me to check that the seams were straight. Once satisfied she once more removed a pair of PVC knickers from one of the carrier bags and put her legs through each leg and raised them to fit snugly over her shaven cunt and pert arse. Bye the way, Di is 5'11'' and size 16 with brown eyes. She then went back to the wardroab and returned with a pair of strappy high heel sandals. She asked me to do them up for her and I had to hold her nylon clad leg whilst I did this. She took great pleasure in teasing me saying that this is the vision that will greet Jerome and Matt when they have stripped her of her dress!

I tried to feel Di up as she was the epitomy of a goddess in front of me - staanding there in PVC, nylons, and high heels with her make-up perfect and hair looking stunning.However, she would have none of it and said that I would have to wait until she returned from her "fucking".

She then went back to the wardroab and selected her black cocktail dress and slipped her feet through it, pulled it up, and asked me to do the zip at the back for her.

I felt really strange. I had prepared my wife, best friend, and lover to be fucked my other men and although it felt strange and made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach, the sexual tension was incredible and almost impossible to describe.

We then went downstairs and Di asked me to fix her a vodka and coke. We chatted for a while about where she was going (hotel in Stockport)and she said that she planned to be home around 11.00 p.m. It was only 6.00 p.m. and she explained that she had a taxi booked for 6.15.p.m. to take her to the hotel where Jerome and Matt would be waiting.

I asked her what they would do and she said that she was happy to do pretty much anything that Jerome asked. She was happy to go bareback and she was also curious about DP. The next thing that I knew was the sound of a car horn and the taxi had arrived. Di stood up and reached into her purse. She produced a little ankle chain and gave it to me. Placing her stockinged leg on the arm of my chair, she asked me to put it on her right ankle. I did as instructed and could not help notice that the ankle bracelet said "black owned slut". Di then pecked me on the cheek, made me promise not to wank at all, and to wait for her to return with a fresh creampie from her black lovers. That was just before 6.30 p.m. It is now 11.00 p.m. and I am waiting for Di to return home to me. I have kept to my word and cannot begin to describe tha ache in my balls. I hope she has had a good time.

To Be Continued....

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