Written by JK

26 Oct 2005

The wife is 32, 5'6, slim body with 36c and a sex drive to die for. We has been talking about threesomes for a while and quite often we make up scenarios for our pleasure and just recently she has been saying that she wants to see me sucked off by another bloke. However whenever I tried to arrange anything she backed out.

I managed to convince her that when she came home from work one evening she was to follow the instructions left for her and see where it led to, she agreed.

She was to come home from work, shower and change into the black lacey panties i laid out for her, put on a blinfold, and lay on the bed. There would be no talking allowed.

I then entered the room and tied her hands to the top of the bed and proceeded to touch her body, stroking up and down her legs, stomach, over her breasts and just barely stroking her trimmed pussy hairs.

By now her nipples were very stiff and i tongued and pinched at them to make them really pucker up, her breath was getting quicker and she was asking me to go further but i had a surprise in store for her.

I had arranged for someone to join us.

The door bell rang and i went to answer it, my wife saying to tell whoever it is to go away.

Silently he undressed downstairs and went up the stairs and into the room, i followed as quietly as i could.

He started to caress and touch her body, and she was getting excited and squirming around. He delved a finger down and started to play with her pussy, dipping a finger into her folds and then sliding it out so that he rubbed her clit and then he put his head down and started to suck on her pussy while he fingered her. Pretty soon she was begging for cock ,so he moved off and I replaced him and let my cock slip into her. Watching all this had got me really going and i didnt last too long but as i slipped out of her, he relaced me and started to lick my cum out of her hole. This really got her going, and i was really surprised when she shouted out, " bring that cum to me babe and let me suck it out of your mouth".

Well he needed no second telling and did just that and at the same time slipped his cock right up her wet hole

" god i wish i had a cock to suck right now " she said.

And with that I placed my cock against her mouth and she started to suck me off.

She stopped a moment,then got lost in the moment and lost herself to the passion

We had it in all positions, which included me getting my dick sucked by the guy as she wanted to watch that and now we cant wait to arrange a proper meet.