Written by Cuckoldedhusband

20 Nov 2004

Three years ago my wife and I were trying for a baby and despite all the effort it just wasn't working and Sue decided to go and move in with her best friend Jane allowing both of us some space and we met up twice a week to make love and found it much better as the sex was great.Three weeks passed and Sue rang me late one evening and told me she was coming home the next day as she had some news for me.I lay there in bed and didn't much sleep when Sue arrived at about 8.00 and ran into my arms and told me she had a taken two pregnancy tests and both showed her as pregnant and I told her to make an appointment with our doctor and he confirmed it so the months went by and Sues belly grew and her tits started to fill out nicely and it was soon coming up tot the due date and we had a bag packed and ready to grab if she should go into labour.The next night Sue was struggling and I rang the hospital and they advised I took her in and soon she was being examined and they decided to induce her so I was stood there holding her hand and she was screaming with the pain and eventually the doctor said the head was out and what seemed like ages I was presented with a baby boy and once cleaned up he was handed to me and I had such a shock as he was a light coffee colour and when Sue looked at him she said isn't our baby lovely and I said yes but was wondering what had gone on.When I went to collect Sue to take her and the baby home my mind went round and round and once home I sat Sue down and asked her why the baby was that colour and at first she said it isn't rare for this to happen but eventually she broke down and admitted she had advertised on a site with the help of her friend Jane for a black bull to impregnate her as she knew if she went with one it was guaranteed she would get pregnant.I couldn't believe what she was saying and called her a slut and told her she had broken out marriage vows and she started to cry and told me she loved me and would never leave me and I cuddled her and told her I loved her so much and I asked her how many times did she fuck the bull and she said 3 times a day for 2 weeks as he lived with her Janes so he could be on hand.She then went a bit quiet and I asked her why she was quiet and shelooked me in the eyes and told me that he was a highly sexed bull and sometimes she had to relieve him in different ways apart from sex and I asked her if she meant wanking and she said not only wanking.Now here I was standing next to my white wife telling me not only had she been bred by a blackman but she also wanked and sucked him off,but I found my cock was getting harder just thinking of them fucking and especially the thought of him shooting his black seed into my white wife.I told Sue I needed to go to the toilet and I went to the one downsatirs and as soon as I shut the door I released my hard cock and started to wank away and saying my head you whorewife you love black cock don't you and I get the image of her sucking his huge dick and just then she walked into the toilet and saw me wanking and asked why I was doing that so she turned me round and took it into her mouth and I asked her if she liked sucking cock and she nodded and then I asked her if she preferred sucking his and she thought for a moment and nodded and I pulled her head off my cock and forced her down acaorss the bath and ripped her panties off and rammed my cock up her pussy and fucked her like a man possessed and she moaned out oh yes Leroy fuck me you balck bastard fuck me breed me and I just dumped my spunk into her and we fell into a heap.Sue lay there with my sounk dribbling out of her and looked me in the eye and asked me a favour and I asked her what it was.She said she wanted Leroy to come visit his daughter.I thought for a monet and allowed her to ask him round so she stood up and went into the bedroom to call him.I walked past th bedroom and saw Sue laying on the bed talking to Leroy and she was runing her hands over her body andsaying how much she is looking forward to seeing him again and I was now hard thinking of her and him.The day came and I opened the door and Leroy stood there 6'5" 15 stone and muscles everywhere and he walked passed me and into the arms of my wife and she kissed him full on the lips and told him to go upsatirs to see Naomi.I watched as this man walked upstairs with his hand on my wifes bum and I didn't know hat to do and went into the kitchen to fix some drinks.After about 15 minutes I took the drinks upstairs and I could hear voices and saw my wife bent over a chair being pounded by a huge black cock and I nearly dropped the drinks and Sue looked startled too but told Leroy to carry on as I watched and she smiled at me and said she needs her black cock every once in a while now and she has agreed to have another baby next year again with Leroy.I watched as their bodies became one and the look on her face as he dumped his load inside her was fantastic.When Leroy stood up he grabbed a bottle of beer and he told Sue to lay on the bed for hubby to have his meal and she opened her legs and I saw her pussy full of the blackmans sperma nd I moved closer and soon my face was looking and my finger ran around the edge and I plaecd it to my mouth and licked and Sue said eat me honey and I did just that and licked sucked and cleaned her right up.Leroy now visits his two girls(Sue and Naomi)twice a week and sometimes spends the night in our maritalk bed whilst I sleep in the spare room,but I do get to eat many creampies and now wouldn't change a thing.