Written by Carlo F.

23 Mar 2006

I'm a union carpenter and my wife recives a call from a woman stating he cellar steps caved in. Can I hurry over and see what I could do. Sure enough they were put up wrong and I got a rope and told her throw it to me after I secured it to a door and monkeyed my way down. I tied it to the steps and told her to take up the slack and close the door on it. Some large nails and pesto.

As I was looking up before hand I noticed her crotch and that turned me on. She told me she was married and her kids were gone. She was slim red hair 5'4" 125 pound. 50 years old. I'm 40 6' 190 pounds.

The job took 20 minutes tops. I gave her a 150 dollar charge. She said oh my I can't afford this and gave me many excuses why.

My cock was now getting hard. I told her we can work something out as I was making it obvious staring at her pussy area. She wasn't all that pretty but with some makeup I guess she would have been. I put one hand out to her and she did like wise and I told her how pretty she was and kissed her on the mouth. She kissed me back with a hunger or I caught her just right. I forced my tongue in her mouth and it started to swap our spit.. I now knew she was in heat as she said it's been awhile as her husband was always tired when she wanted it. Her breathing got heavy like mine and she told me how how strong I was. I slipped my hand under he blowse and felt her slightly sagging tits which had large nipples. She had no bra. Lifted her top and put my mouth on one. She moaned I then rubbed between her legs and she awkwardly tried to clamp my hand.

We were both ready and I led her up the steps to her bed room. Looking back at her she was swaying her hips side to side a thing some woman do when they want it.

We stripped in no time flat and while kissing her deep and wild I gently layed her down and eased my now swollen cock into her wet opening. She squeeled in a high pitch tone. Her pussy was surprisingly tight and slippery like silk. It smelled heavenly like she didn't bathe a couple of days.She was fucking me back and snorting so I picked up the pace lifting her legs higher with my arms behind her knees thinking what a wonderful wife to help save money for the houshold. I felt it starting to cum and it just poured out of me like I was pissing but more intense. She had cum at least two times but the last one was a screamer and she bucked me to make sure there was nothing left in me. We both collapsed and I kissed her again. She wiped her pussy with the sheet.

I told her there will be more before the debt is resoved and she said she fully understands. I asked what time her man came home and she said 5 to 5:30 sharp. I called her at 3:00 that day & told her I'd be stopping by. She couldn't wait. I fucked her off and on for 5 months. Her cunt was on fire every time. That is no exadgeration. There were times I'd fuck my wife the same day but Julie the older house wife was better at it. This is true.