Written by Barry and Judy

6 Jun 2004

WE had a new couple Tom and Ann move in next door to us about twelve monthes ago there about the same age as us around 40 we hit it off with then strait away and soon became great friends they soon told us they were swingers somthing Judy and I had never been into they were often having other couples round and it seemed a normal every day thing for them soon Judy and I were fantersizing about other couples when we were having sex we both had to admit it realy got us going and we started to think about trying it Then one evening when Ton and Ann were round at our place for a barby and drink we started talking about it then Ann said to me well think about it and if you fancy a shag any time let me know as soon as she said it Tom turned to Judy and made the same offer later that night when Tom and Ann had gone Judy and i talked over what had been said and decided if the chance arose we should take it and see how we went on nothing more happened for a couple of weeks things went on as normal then one Monday afternoon i got home about 4.30pm as I was getting out of the car on the drive Ann came out from next door and asked if i wanted a to go in for a coffee at first i said no but she rather insisted saying Judy was rather occupied at the moment as soon we got inside i asker her what she was on about she told me that Tom was round at my house[ THE PENNY STILL DIDNT DROP ] i asked whats he doing there she looker at me smiled and said well at this moment in time i would think he is fucking her brains loose i have never been so exited in my life we sat making small talk for about half an hour as soon as Tom came back I jumped up and rushed round home Judy was still upstairs in the bedroom i went in she was on the bed naked legs apart her cunt was still streched from the seeingto Tom had given her there was a wet patch on the bed were Toms cum had run out of her i striped off and jumped on top of her i could feel her cunt wet and slippy with Toms cum as my prick went into her we had the best fuck ever that was just the begining we will tal more in our next letter