Written by bigdoging

14 Apr 2006

My wife and my self use to go swinging in the 80s but haven don it for years but she was a slut back in those days but in the past years we both love sex but it is more tame till

she got a new job her new boss and her got on so well that on night she came home and told me that he had ask us out at weekend for a meal and a drink that sat night she got drest up in a cocktale dress looking very sexy for a lady of 49 she still had a very good figer we meeting Tom at

8.30 when we got to wine bar she said this is Tom to my susprize I said yes I know he is a old mate of mine we had a meal and a few drinks and went back over the old times

then Sam my wife left us for a pee I know Tom as I had taken is wife many times back in the 80s in a three some

with him he told we she left years a go and he dosent get a

lot of sex now days a bit of a tale as you will find out

he ask if we are stil swinging no do you think Sam will have sex with me if we get her drunk I know she liked him

and so did I when she came back we had a lot to drink and

started chating about sex he ask if she likes it yes she said you use to go swinging yes a long time a go do you miss

it some times she said would you like to have sex with me tonight I mite as you are my boss she said to me that I told

her to do as the boss said we got into a cab and went back to his place just out of town It was a very big old house

but very nice we went in and had more to drink do you want

to look a round he ask her yes she said she looked in all the room all the bed rooms till she came to a room witch had a lock it what in hear she said that my play room he said open it she said and he did she looked in side and was

very impressed with all the toys like frames cross ect

ropes from the ciling I said to her you like this dont

you yes she said then I kiss her and moved back and said to

Tom it is up to you to take her and please her He did not

wast time he started kissing her and her him it didnt take long befour he go her really excted kissing and fondled

her he soon remove her dress she was wearing suspenders

and stocking and no knickers she had removed them in the bar

she turn to him and said what are you going to do to me

I whant to play in your play room you have got what you have wanted me stript now i want something in retune

she told Tom to strip and lets see what you have got

I know that he is a big lad and when she saw his cock it

put a smile on her face it was 12/13ins long and very thick

she told me to come into the room and sit on a char she said that I use to like to watch and that is all you will do to night she then took some rope and tide my hands and

legs to it then she whisper a few words to Tom after that

he became very assertive to her this got her very excted

come on you slut i could see she was very wet he place her

hand in to handcuffs she put her hand over her head then came down chains from the beams he tide her to them and

then pulled her very tight till her feet just came of the floor then with more chains round her ankies puling on them

to rings on the floor spreding them very wide loking at her

she was still smiling now you bitch this is what i am going to do to you as he went to the front of her and grab her tits and pulled on them them he put his hand between her legs yor are very wet then he gave her a spank then a few more to warm her up do you like that yes she said as her

juices ran down her legs now do you want to please you boss yes then you made a mistake last week so you must have spanking to keep your job ok then he took a whip from the wall a cat with 9 tales and lade in on to her I was loving watching her taking all she was given and i know that she was enjoying do you whant more yes please she said would

you take a caneing I will try it wasting no time Tom pick

up a cane and hit her bottom not hard she said hit me a bit harder i am cumming you fucking basted hit me hard that he

did and she stated screeming as she came dont stop fucking hit me as she sreemed stop it he said shout up he went out of the room and came back with a ball gag this will stop you

open your mounth she said only if you are going to hit me very hard yes i am going to make you cry and i wont stop till you do it is up to you now how hard and how long you get it By this time I wanted to wank as i watch but i was still tide up Tom then started spanked her bottom as she had ask hard he turn to me and said i love your wife do you think I should hit her hard as she had ask for I was so excted I just had to see more of what she could take and she would be very upset if I stop her fun I sald are you ok with what is going to happen do you whant more she said to me yes are you enjoying seeing me tide up and geting spanked very mush so i said then Tom force the ball gag into her mounth tieing in very tight ok she noded it you want me to stop move your head from side to side now you fucking bitch this will be hard and it was as the cane came to her bottom this time she was force forward then back

her bottom was by now very red by now and tears rruning down

her face want me to stop no I said gige her the last six of the best that what he did Tom removed the gag and ask are

you ok yes get me down she must have had lot of orgasms

she was very wet Tom said that was so good for him and that

she was so wet that he was going to fuck her then he kissed

her and thank her for the night she said it is not over yet

she look at me for my approval why not go for it she pulled

Tom to his bed room she still had the cufts on tie me to your bed and fuck me I was left still tide up and could see

what is haping tom had been rough with her and when it came

to fucking he said that she is going be fucked hard as he force his big cock into her he started pounding her very

hard as i could hear the bed moving and lot of cries from her fuck me harder you cunt you had your fun now i want

mine fuck me puling her legs apart he was fucking and so hard and fast after a long time he let his come inside her

he pulled out and took her head and made her suck and clean

him up she was left tide to the bed Tom untide me and said

come on and have a drink he ask if I had enjoyed my self

yes but have it as been one of best nights I have had fucking hell you are a lucky man having a wife like that

and what a fuck we left her for a whlie and went to the bed room she was still tight and a sleep Tom said let her stay

thare for the night I ask did you come in her yes come and have a look as he spreed her legs roughly look thats my spunk in her this she look at us and said let me sleep

ok but I will cleen you first then he took her legs and tide them wide apart to the bed then he put his tong in to her cunt and licked her clean now he fuck her more than me