10 Nov 2017

After a 10 hour flight from Los Angeles during which I thought of nothing other that my wife taking another man’s cock into her mouth and then riding it hard in our hotel room before I got back. We had made an arrangement that we were both free to take other partners if the situation arose. There were rules to be followed - no repeat dates, no local meets, no overnight stays, no uncovered sex. We must also tell each other everything. After several months of watching wife swapping and threesome videos, we had both become so exited with the idea of trying new sexual partners.

As we taxied along the runway at Heathrow to Terminal 5, I nervously switched my phone on. Three text messages arrived from my wife-

Text No.1- 1730h “Hi darling, Ive arrived at the hotel and just had a shower and ready for action. I’m going to have a look in the bar.. I love you so much for allowing me to follow this amazing adventure, we are going to have so much excitement!”

Text no. 2 - 1830h “I hope this is OK with you. I have been talking to a man who has bought me 3 glasses of wine. He is staying here tonight. He is trying to chat me up- I am going to see if he wants to go upstairs to his room, I love you so much, thank you. This is so exciting, I am so aroused. Thank you - its your turn later and I want to see you with another woman. I love you xxxxxxxxxxx

Text no. 3 - 2000h “Hi darling, I’m back in our room now. I hope this is OK. I went to his room, as he closed the door, we kissed and our hands were all over each other’s bodies. I was so scared and felt so guilty, but the sexual desire over ruled everything. He ripped my top off and had my nipples in his mouth before I knew what was happening, as he was doing this he was taking my jeans down and exposing my pussy. I was so excited I could feel my pussy juicing up. He then sat on the bed and I kneeled in front of him taking as much of his thick cock as I could into my mouth. It felt so good, I was so so aroused, knowing I had your blessing to do this. I then pushed him back on the bed and lowered myself onto his rigid manhood. I was so excited and could not control myself, I came over and over again, after 20 minutes he emptied himself inside me. I hope this is OK, I love you and cant wait to make love to you.

After reading these I was in turmoil, my wife had actually followed through with this. We had talked about it for months and I always thought it was a fantasy. Now it was reality. I was so excited, my cock was continuously wet with precum. My heart was beating at 100mph. Was this what I wanted? Would I feel jealous and threatened? Would I meet this man?

I sent a text saying “Landed, be there in 1hour 30min. Glad you’re having fun I love you xxxxx”

30 min later a text came back- Hi darling, I love you! I hope you are OK with this, Ive just had the 2nd one and it is amazing! I am ready for you. Hurry up, I need you! See you in the bar”.

I can’t remember the journey to the hotel. My wife of 10 years had just taken two different men in the last two hours... My head was all over the place, I was jealous, excited and my cock was oozing precum like never before.

As I entered the hotel, I saw my wife at the bar, she looked radiant, I have never seen her look so happy and confident. She greeted me with a lingering kiss and told me she loved me. I was desperate to know what had happened and she said she would tell me as we made love later.

Within minutes we were in our room making love like never before.

We have started a new exciting chapter in our lives and I am looking forward to sharing her with new sex partners very soon. We plan to meet with some swinging couples and also I want to try another female joining us for our hotel getaways.