Written by James

8 Jul 2005

"Compliant, professional, middle aged married couple, M50, F47, seek assertive younger male aged between 18 and 30." That's how my wife, Kate and I met 24 year old Danny through a well known internet contacts site. After 23 years of marriage and our three children leading their own lives, Kate and I had become a little bored with each other, at least in terms of sex. Neither of us had ever been unfaithful to the other but were quite open when it came to sharing fantasies about having sex with friends and work colleagues. Although these fantasies helped to spice things up temporarily, the excitement never seemed to last. Then, one evening, after a lengthy discussion, we took the plunge and placed an advert, with a photograph of Kate naked, on an internet site. Although very nervous, we were both also extremely excited about placing the advert and even more so when we began to get responses. One such response was from a muscular, good looking and, I have to admit, well endowed young man named Danny. As soon as Kate saw his photograph she was attracted to him and our sex life immediately took a turn for the better as we began to correspond with him via the internet. Watching my middle aged wife sitting naked at the computer, masturbating, as she exchanged erotic messages with someone half her age was an enormous turn on for me. Finally, after a period of a few weeks when it seemed reasonably safe to assume that Danny was a genuine guy, the three of us arranged to meet in a motel off the M4. It was agreed that, if any of us decided to pull out at anytime, this would be respected by the other parties without question. The day finally arrived and Kate and I set off for what we hoped would be the sexual experience of a lifetime.

At this point, let me briefy describe ouselves. Kate is an attractive 47 year old mother of three, a business consultant by profession. She has straight, dark brown hair cut just above shoulder length. She has fought a losing battle against weight gain in recent years and has a plump belly and a 36c bust. I am reasonably fit but, like Kate, have gained some weight in recent years, particularly in the area of my stomach. I am a financial advisor by profession.

Anyway, Kate and I arrived at the motel feeling extremely apprehensive. We checked in and went up to our room to freshen up. Afterwards, we went to the bar to order drinks and to wait for Danny to arrive as arranged. When he did so, we were both immediately relieved that he was as attractive in the flesh as his photograph had suggested. He also turned out to be extremely pleasant and intelligent and in no time at all we were all enjoying a drink, feeling very comfortable in each other's company. Finally, Danny suggested that we all go up to our room to get to know one another better. The time had arrived and Kate and I exchanged nervous glances but readily agreed. Once inside the room, I locked the door and we all sat down, waiting for someone to instigate proceedings. Kate and I had stressed in our advert that we would prefer an assertive personality to join with us and Danny suddenly took on this role, telling my wife to stand and remove her blouse and bra. She was wearing a stylish cream coloured top with a long skirt and looked very sophisticated. As I watched her remove first her top and then her bra, my erection was as hard as I can remember. When she was topless, Danny ordered her to kneel and undo the zip of his jeans. She did so and exposed his large, limp cock. He then told her to put it in her mouth and suck it until it was hard. She complied with his instruction and it was soon fully erect. The size of it put my own to shame and this made me feel even more turned on by what was happening to my wife. At this point, Danny told Kate to stop and to remove the remainder of her clothing. He then turned to me and ordered me to remove mine also. Although Danny was clearly in charge, I did not feel threatened and Kate confirmed later that she felt the same. I did, however, feel very excited as I stripped naked in front of my wife at her lover's instruction. Once Kate and I were completely naked, Danny intructed Kate to kneel over the bed on all fours and told me to lie back on the bed next to her. He then removed his own clothes and slowly inserted his large cock inside my wife from behind. He then began to slowly thrust in and out of her, making her grunt and moan each time. Kate held tightly onto my hand as the fucking he was giving her became more frantic. With my other hand, I masturbated as I watched my wife gritting her teeth, her face reddening as she took the fucking of a lifetime from this young man whilst her husband wanked. Before long, I couldn't control myself and spurted spunk all over my lower belly. Danny, however, kept going, giving Kate multiple orgasms before violently ejaculating inside her. Afterwards, when we had all recovered sufficiently, Danny returned to his own room and Kate and I went to bed, without showering, and immediately had sex.

That was our first introduction to the delights of "wife watching". Danny fucked Kate in bed later that evening, far more gently this time and in the missionary position, and again the following morning on the floor before leaving. We paid for his room and all his meals and drinks as arranged beforehand. The expense, however, was well worth it and our sex life improved dramatically as a result of our experience with Danny. We have not kept in touch with him and are unsure at present whether we would wish to repeat the experience with someone else. Nether of us, however, regret doing it and our physical relationship has certainly improved beyond our imagination since that unforgettable 24 hours.