Written by Frank and Mel

26 Apr 2005

John then said so are you going to dance as well – Mel looked at him in the eyes – and said will that shut you up ??? John nodded- The music of the film was running and Mel stood up both guys eyes were transfixed to her she started to gyrate her hips to the music as the girl in the movie was doing. The girl unbutton her top-Mel unbuttoned her top- You could see the white of her lacy bra set against her tanned skin, she then slipped it off her shoulders and threw it to Richard – she looked great dancing in her 4 inch heels lovely shapely breasts heaving in a virginal white bra. Her curvaceous arse gyrating to the music. The guys looked at the Screen and could see the girl removing her skirt- Mel indicated did they want her to carry on- they both nodded open mouthed. The girl gyrated to the music and gradually eased her skirt off over her hips- Mel copied turning her back to the guys exposing her arse clad in white lacy knickers along with her black suspender belt and sheer black nylon stockings. She tossed this to John who caught it and cheered- The girl in the DVD carried on dancing to the two men – Mel carried on looking so sexy and so horny they guys were now openly rubbing their cocks through their trousers- The girl lowered one Bra strap- Mel lowered one Bra strap and gyrated- then the other bra strap- until the bra was only held up by the gravity of her tits- Mel copied the girl on the screen and turned her back to the guys- she sexily gyrated her arse and pulled the bra down below her boobs , she then turned to them with her hands cupped over her gorgeous melons. And then slowly let her hands slip away from her breasts revealing her lovely firm tits with nipples so hard hey looked painful.

Suddenly Mel grabbed the remote and stopped the film and said she had to make a phone call- they guys looked gutted! I raced around the corner as Mel made her way into the kitchen. She sounded as I have never heard her sound – desperate- So much so the next moment she is down the side alley next to me stood in just her lingerie with her bra still below her nipples. She was in a desperate situation/ I said “what’s wrong” You do not want to go ahead do you? She said that is just it- I do- I DO MORE than anything else in the world. But am not sure if you would like it? I said look I am loving every moment!! She said are you Really? I said YES.. Really. She said but you do not know what’s to come? I said for her to do what ever she wanted- I did not mind! With that she kissed me and went back inside- They guys were sat there saying how beautiful she was- she went over to the drinks cabinet and asked them if they wanted a scotch. They both said yes please, Mel poured a glass and drank it down in one (Dutch courage) she then poured 3 more and passed them to both. She sat down and sipped her scotch- She said she had t call me to make sure that I was along way away. She said I was a good 2 hours- She then asked them if they thought we should call it a day. They both said no, but if she wanted to she would understand – John said it was just getting good- She asked them both what they would like to happen. Richard said sheepishly that he would love to se her naked and John agreed. Mel asked the question again and said- Tell me if you could have anything what would you want. John said really want? Mel said yes- tell me what you want–in any words you want... John said he wanted everything, everything said Mel- Yes everything- suck your nipples, lick your pussy, fuck your pussy and your arsehole, make you swallow my cum. Mel said

I do not know if I am doing the right thing- I have had too much to drink but I am going to put the film back on- This film has been my fantasy for a year and if I am going to live I may as well do it all. But I want what the girl has – Everything- I do not want to discuss it I just want it- Right the way to the end of the film.

She then got the remote and started the film again- she had her scotch but carried on dancing and as the girl played with her breasts- Mel played with hers- pinching her nipples and moaning- The girl then got down on to he knees threw her hair back – Mel done the same just a few feet from John and Richard. They both let their hands roam their bodies caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Mel started to talk dirty s the girl did- telling them she was so horny and so wet. Her hand traced down her stomach to the top of her knickers and ever so slowly disappeared into them she looked at the guys straight in the eyes. Her fingers found her clit and she closed her eyes as she began to masturbate herself in front of her audience... she then went down on to all fours with her arse pointing at the guys. As in the film she smiled at Richard and nodded – Richard stood up and took her knickers down over her arse cheeks down to her knees he then as in the film pulled her legs as far apart as the knickers would allow. There was my wife with her cunt on full display to two guys old enough to be her dad.

John then joined him and he as in the film slapped her fairly firmly on the arse with his hand – calling her a sluttish bitch then knelt up and as the two guys stood there she released there cocks and took one in her mouth while waning the other one. Richards cock was fairly short but quite thick, but Johns was a real monster about 8” and real thick. She was sucking them for a good 5 minutes. John then said lift her on to the sofa I am going to fuck this bitch like she has never been fucked before. Richard sat on the sofa and guided Mel’s mouth on to his knob, while John spread her legs and started to lick her out. He then stuck his big fat cock right up her- much to her screaming delight of fuck me- fuck me you bastards. Over the next hour the tow of them fucked her in ever hole. She had spunk dribbling everywhere- They called a Taxi and left- Richard calling out- speak to you next week.

I came back in she was a wreck- but I was horny as hell so got my rock hard cock into her straight away I could feel the cum of the other guys and it turned me on even more. I shot my load after a few minutes and went upstairs. I heard a gentle knock at the door and was just about to go down when Mel answered the door, just sticking her head round the door as she only had on a cum soaked suspender belt. I heard her say “Hi Keith” everything alright. Keith was a friend of ours, I then heard him say, just dropped off the two guys you had round here- They were full of the story of how they fucked you senseless and I thought I would come and have a go myself I sneak down and peered trhough the crack in the door as Keith bent Mel over the back of an armchair and pumped her full of his seamen. What a night............ We have now progressed and are a lot more selective and carefull but nothing has beaten that night .....so far ;-)