Written by andrew

29 Oct 2004

julie was my wifes best friend, she was late thirties, blonde shoulder length hair and with a body that just made me wonder what it would be like to fuck her!

i suppose it was just one of those fantasies. as a thirty six year man that had always been faithful to my wife i didnt think it would really happen. how wrong i was!

it all happened when julie and her husband got a new dog, julie was going to take him to the nearby park at lynford for a big run. i said that as i had the day off i would come for the ride. when we got there julie couldnt help but notice that a couple of men had followed us into the wood. i explained that they think we are dogging. whats that she said.when i told her she seemed strangely interested. i could feel myself getting turned on by her interest and said if you dont believe me lets take the dog home and come back. to my surprise she said ok. when we got back to her house i told her if she was serious she had better change into clothes that would fit the moment better, but to put a coat over the top.

when we got back to lynford sure enough the same blokes were in their cars.

me and julie wandered back through the woods into a nice little spot. the two blokes had followed us. i turned round and just grabbed julie. my tongue went straight down her throat. she responded by rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. she unzipped me and was sucking for all she was worth. i had to stop her for fear of exploding. i said come on you horny bitch lets see what you have got on under that coat. imagine my glee when i saw it was nothing but those knee length boots. finally i was going to make my fantasy a reality. i made her back onto a tree and shagged her for all i was worth. talk about velvet. in what seemed no time at all i spunked straight into her. to be continued