Written by andy,debs & freinds

27 Dec 2003

i came home from work on saturday afternoon, to find my wife and her mate sat chatting & having a coffee at the table in the dining room.my job is repairing heavy plant which means i get dirty everyday. i said my hello's and then said i was going up for a shower but debs [my wife ] said she will make me a coffee first, so i took off my jeans & top and sat to the table in my t shirt & pants. debs brought in the coffee and we sat there just chatting about things in general. not intensonally i had sat next to debs but opposite sammy. after about 5 mins, i felt a foot coming up my leg & looked at sammy but she was completly just looking into debs eyes & ignoring my glare at her completly. within second, her foot had reached my balls & i felt myself getting very hard very quickly. sat there in just my pants, i thought i better go for my shower quickly before i embaress myself by getting up with a fucking great hard on. i drank my coffee and said i'm going to shower, but debs said she needed the bathroom first,so she got up & went. when she left the room i said to sammy, you cock teasing bitch. her reply was to say whos teasing? i laughed and stood up knowing that i was semi hard, & walked into the kitchen to put my cup in the sink. as i walked back into the dining room, sammy said to me that she was going to the bathroom next and she was going to leave her knickers in the vanity unit & that she wanted me to wank in them when i was in the shower.before i could answer her debs was back in the room, so sammy asked if it was o.k for her to use the bathroom, debs said go ahead before he gets in there cos he takes bloody ages in the shower. sammy went upstairs and debs old me that she was going to go out with sammy that evening to the local pub and because we never had a babysitter that evening she woould go out till 10.00 & and then would come back & i would go for the last couple of hours, which i was fine about.sammy came back down stairs and i headed towards her. in passing she told me thy were under the pink towel, i just grined & said yeah right! anyway, i couldn't wait to get up the stairs to check, and sure enough, they were there.now although we all go out as a group of about 10 of us in our village and there is alwya a lot of flirting going on when we have had a drink, people kissing and even feeling each other without there partners knowing, on quite a few occasions i have had my finger in one of the other girls & have no doubt that my mates have done the same to my wife, it just doesn't get talked about and its never gone any further. any way i start the shower and pick up sammys knickers & looking at them thinking, i use bigger bits of floss to clean my fucking teeth. by now my cock is throbbing and i lift tyhem towards my face to smell them. they smelt fucking lovely, very purfumed, i do no other then to start wanking in them. it doesnt take long before i cum and with her knickers catch all the cum & rub it in them. these knickers are completly soaked in cum and now i stsrt thinkinking, do i wash them or leave them? any way i decided to leave them & put them back under the towel. i quickly had a shower, got changed & went back downstairs. when i walked back into the dining room sammy said to me does that feel better now? i said a lot better. i started to think that this was a plot & that they had tried to stitch me up, but when debs never said anything i realized then that she never knew fuck all about it. sammy now stood up & asked if she coulduse the bathroom again, which debs said of course. she went upstairs and then when she came down she sat back to the table & looked at me with a very sexy look on her face. what a turn on, i wanted to tell debs there & then what had happened, because i knew debs would be up for a bit of sammy as well as me, but couldn't bring myself to do it. within ten minites of sitting around the table, debs then says she is going to the bathroom, and gets up and leaves. when she leaves the room sammy stands up lifts ner litte skirt up to show me that she had put her knickers back on. they were soaking wet & i could feel myself starting to get very hard again. i asked her to show me more, and she put her thumbs in the top of them to reviel a completly shaved cunt just like debs. she put her fingers inside her &when she brought them out, you could see they were very wet. she then sucked all her jucies off them very seductly right in front of me. debs was now coming down the stairs, sammy looked at me and said, youll just have to wait if i want more. sammy then pulled her skirt down and sat back down. when debs came back in sammy said that she was going to go home & that she would call back later to walk down the pub with her. when she had gone i sat down with debs in the front room and after a while told her what had happened, and her reply was that 2 weeks ago she did the same to sammys husband nick & that for sammy to do the same must mean that nick had told sammy. anyway being close freinds no-one would of been worried about it any way.except for me coz iam sat in the fucking house here baby sitting, with all them up the pub, but when they all come back i'll show them this letter & if they aggree, i'll post it on the site.also who knows what will happen now the first moves have been made.