Written by lucky Paul

5 Apr 2006

for some time now my wife has had sexy thoughts about me with another woman.

thoughts was all they ever was and it worked well in the bedroom.

all the passion was centered around a woman we shall call Ann to protect the not so innocent.

Ann was a business colleague of mine who at 40 yrs old had looked after herself by working out twice a week and cycling,my interest was only aroused when she told me she and her husband were swingers.

to say i was shocked would be mild i was flabbergasted and this was where it all started.

i said to my wife you never guess what and since then it has been non stop fantasy about what i would do to Ann if she offered.

my wife and me had great sex talking about what would happen if i took the offer up with Ann and had a sexual encounter[that is of course if she would agree to it]

well i cant believe i am saying this [because my wife may read it]but i told Ann about the fantasy on a Tuesday afternoon on the phone and the answer from her was well why not.

the thing was i knew it to be just a fantasy but i decided to take it one step further and i arranged to meet her one afternoon at my office,

not for one moment did i think she would turn up but at 3.pm she walked in dressed in a grey skirt and low white top hot is not good enough a word she was steaming

she asked me how my day was going and sat down across from my desk even with her legs closed i could tell she was wearing stockings. within in seconds the chat centered around what i had told her over the phone she told me that her and her husband had been swingers for years but its not something you advertise.just then my office phone rang it was a client i had to talk to i mouthed sorry to Ann and carried on with the call Ann sat back as i was talking and to my surprise and pleasure she let her legs open slightly i tried not to make it obvious but its hard to avert your eyes when you can see up a woman's skirt but not far enough to see what she is wearing.

Ann must have caught me looking because she smiled and pushed the office chair away from the desk and opened her legs fully at that moment almost cost me a sale she was wearing nothing under her skirt and had shaved.

i told the client i would get back to him and tried to act normal i was hard scared and excited all at once this was on offer and i was at the point where i put a stop to this or went forward she looked too good and i did not stop.

Ann came round the back of the desk and stood with her naked pussy inches from my face.

i tasted her and it was erotic beyond words ,she tasted like heaven wet warm and soft, i almost came when she started to rub me through my suit trousers.

in seconds we was naked her pussy, tits and arse all available for me to do what i liked we had sex twice on the desk and it was so so hot to this day i have never told my wife [better it stays a fantasy for her] but in reality i have been meeting Ann and fucking her for over 7 weeks