Written by jonjon

2 Feb 2005

We haven't posted for a while, just been to damned busy, in all areas lol. For those who can remember we are a middleaged couple who enjoy to a degree the dogging scene. Sunday night saw us at our favourite and local dogging area, the weather was kind for a change and we parked up with no problem. Half a dozen cars were already parked up and as far as we could see only one other couple. Within minutes more cars arrived two of them pulling up either side of us and so close we couldn't have got out of the car.

Suzy lit a ciggy whilst I unbuttoned her blouse revealing her ample tits, 44dd, straining in a 44d bra. Over the next few minutes the loonies started coming and going, people expecting to see action as soon as they pull onto the car park, driving on slowly, headlights full on then staying less than two minutes only to return five minutes later.

We were just chatting generally when Suzy said 'he's only young next to us'. I'd had my back to him so hadn't really noticed, I had a quick glance and agreed with her.

'He shouldn't be up here at that age' she remarked'.

'Why, where should he be' was my reply.

'With a woman somewhere' she said.

'That's probably what he's after up here' I replied, almost chocking in a fit of laughter.

After another few minutes the activity increased and predictably unsettled Suzy, 'fancy moving to ------' she said.

'Yes no problem' I replied it's normally quiet there,'do you want me to ask him to follow us'

'If you want' she said. I wound down the window and said to him 'we're going to a quieter place, follow us if you want'. He did.

Arriving at ------ he pulled alongside and we reclined our seats, I started to play with her tits making her nipples stand out like two bullets. As I slipped my hand up her skirt she said that she didn't think he had a very good view, a blind man would have had a good view he was so close. I took the hint and said 'well what do you want to do'.

With that she was out of the car like a shot and climbed into the passenger side of his car. He must have had his cock out, within seconds her head was down and bobbing away like a good un. Now it was my turn to struggle to see, I leant out of the window and rested my arms on the roof of his car, that's how close he was. All I could see was her head bobbing and him with his hand carressing her ample ass.

I was really horny now and thought fuck this I want to see the action. I climbed out of the passenger side and went round to his door and opened it. Suzy looked up, smiled and went back to her business. I swear the lad hadn't even noticed I'd opened the door. I was getting a superb view of her sucking then licking his cock, she'll do that for hours just because she likes it. Problems sometimes arise because some guys just can't take a lot of sucking before dumping it in her mouth.

I let her have another five minutes then asked her if she was going to fuck or not, she asked the lad if he fancied fucking her over the car bonnet, something else she really enjoys.

He said no problem, I beat a hasty retreat into our motor as they got out of the car. Suzy undid her blouse and bra and placed them on the bonnet then slipped out of her skirt, the lad just standing openmouthed.

Suzy is a bbw and knows just how to turn a guy on, she layed over the front wing and spread her legs, I could see him fiddling with his zip then his cock came out, not the biggy that Suzy likes but big enough for her to feel it.

He quickly got in and started to fuck her, slowly at first then harder. If there's one thing she likes it's cock rammed up her savagely and she lets you know it.

The young lad was like a jockey riding her ass, the car was rocking all over the place as he pumped away like a good un. Suzy was expressing herself with a barrage of fuck it, fuck it harder and go on give it me.

My cock was stiff as hell and underpants wet through as I watched this young lad fuck the ass off her. After what seemed a lifetime I saw him jerk a few times and heard her say oh yeaaaaah as he shot his load up inside her.

Suzy straightened up and said to him we'll be there next week if you want seconds, he readily agreed and she got back in the car.

'What time is it' she said, I looked at my watch and it was 10.30pm, he'd shagged her solid for 45 minutes, one of the benefits of being young. 'Bloody hell' she said, 'he could go, I dont think I could manage two at that age, my pussy is raw, will you manage with a blow job'.

There's a downside to everything I suppose, took me about thirty seconds to empty my sack in Suzy's mouth.