Written by Peter

4 Jan 2004

I have always fantasised about seeing my lovely

wife Kerry having her big bottom soundly punished

by a strict older man.

We are a couple in our 30's and Kerry is very attractive

with black hair and brown eyes her figure is very

womanly to say the least with biggish boobs and

full hips that surmount her broad beam.

I have made no secret of my fantasy and Kerry has

always laughed it off.

But to my gobsmacked surprise she recently said

o.k. and that it seemed harmless enough if there

was nothing more involved than 'giving some kinky

old sod a thrill'.

I found Mr Simpson through a swinging site he was

local and had a keen interest in administering correction

to young wives at 67 years old he fitted the bill

and i told Kerry and it was agreed we meet!

We first met Mr S at a public house in town and

he seemed such a nice old gent putting Kerry well

at ease.

Kerry had chosen to wear a pair of beige trousers that

day that hugged her bottom tightly and left little

to the imagination in so far as the outline of her

knickers was concerned (if i remember correctly

she wore caramel coloured full backed ones that day).

Mr S smiled at me as he watched my wife's bum as

she walked to the ladies.

'Hee Hee Peter you've certainly come to the right man

if you want to see that lovely backside get put

through it's paces'.

The old gent talked more about himself and told

us of how it was not unusual for him to perhaps

spank as many as two bums a week!

We agreed a date next thursday at our house.

Kerry was a bag of nerves as the hour came 'the things

i do for you' she giggled.

Kerry had again opted for wearing a blouse and

trousers grey this time but as tight beneath she

wore tight mauve panties (i remember this time with

good reason).

Mr S arrived in due course carrying a small case

that i saw Kerry view with trepidation.

After a cup of tea Mr S announced.

'Well let's get down to buisiness i hear you have been

a bit of a naughty girl Kerry?'

It was said with authority and Kerry giggled


'Peter has asked me to spank your bottom young lady

and i intend to do so'.

Mr S put his hand on Kerry's knee.

'O.k.' she said meekly.

My heart raced as he explained to my poor wife

how he intended to use a tawse and a cane on her


Kerry was ordered to stand and she gasped in shock

as Mr S audaciously fondled her ample rump

'Naughty girls need smacked bottoms Kerry' he said.

'Now go to the middle of the room bend over and

touch your toes'.

Kerry's magnificent arse faced me as she did so

and Mr S took position and delivered about 20

hard smacks.

Kerry yelped and her bum wobbled it was a very

arousing sight.

Kerry was again invited to sit as Mr S showed us

the contents of the bag-a tawse and a fierce looking


Kerry looked dismayed.

I smiled sympathetically but i longed to see it

welt her buttocks.

Mr S instructed Kerry to leave the room and return

minus her trousers.

Kerry complied and returned in her blouse and

little knickers.

Mr S was clearly moved by the delightful sight

of my wifes dark bush beneath the thin cotton

and the way it barely contained her vulnerable big bum.

He quickly got down to the matter of applying the

tawse to her knickered rump as my wife stood hands

on knees bottom pushed out.

It really must have stung and Kerry shrieked

and pleaded...to no avail.

After 10 with that dreadful implement Mr S

allowed her to stand and rub her smarting cheeks.

When she turned she was confronted with Mr S flexing

the cane.

'Bend over and touch your toes Kerry'

he boomed.

I felt like intervening when he took down Kerry's

knickers and again fondled her bum.

He had a clear view of her pussy i'm sure.

I sat and watched enchanted though as he applied

6 of the best to Kerry's stinging buttocks.

Kerry was told to stand in the corner and as

Mr S and i looked at her tramlined bum Mr S advised

me to massage it with cold cream.

Well i did so and at least Kerry enjoyed that

part which took place after Mr S's departure.

Kerry has not agreed to a repeat and i respect

that now my curiousity has been sated.