Written by Ian and Deb

20 Mar 2004

Some months ago I found your sire by accident. Deb, my wife, has always been fasinated by swingers. She watches all TV programs about it although we have never participated. After finding your site we discussed the idea og 'dogging' and agreed to go and see for ourselves. The first time deb wore tights and boots. She ended up giving a complete stranger a hand-job. Returning home we had fantastic sex. We tried it again last night, and wow, what a night.

Deb wore stockings and skimpy bra and knickers under a button through dress. When we got to the site, just outside of Leicester, there was only one car there with two guys inside. We parked infront of them. After a while we began a bit of petting and soon the guys were standing at the passenger door looking in. "Hand job again, as last time" I enquired. Deb nodded and I wound the window down. She put her hand out to one groin and immediately they both released their cocks. Eventually, she had two lots of cum in her palms. "How about we do the same to you" one of them said. Deb was hesitant but agreed. She got out and climbed in the back with one guy either side of her. They began kissing her and unbuttoning her dress, thier hands roaming all over her body. I could see that Deb was starting to respond as her body moved and her breathing became deeper. They removed her briefs and had her legs spread wide, one leg across each of their laps. I could see fingers from both guys begin to rub and massage her mound. She was kissing both with abondon as she was obvioulsy being aroused. Then I watched as fingers began to enter my wife. She let out a little squeal as the first ones entered her. I was shaking as I watched my wife being worked on by two complete strangers. Her body writhed under their attention and after about 10 minutes she began to emmit a muffled scream as her buttocks raised from the seat and a orgasm ripped through her body. I have never known Deb to come like that before. She refused sex and the guys accepted this, although one did leave his mobile number. At home we again had fantastic sex. I asked Deb if she fanced sex with one or either. She sid we had a number and shrugged her shoulders. Maybe thats another story for the future?