Written by MandA

7 Nov 2006

We have been married for 23 years and in all that time neither of us has strayed once.We are both 46 , Alison is a primary teacher ; short and a little bit overweight after giving birth to three kids.For the last few years sex has become the usual routine of a quick five minutes on a Saturday morning before the kids get up.We have never been that adventurous - whenever I suggest something new Alison would object proclaiming she is not that sort of girl.To give you an idea - she has never once given me a proper blow job ''don't like something in my mouth in case I gag'' - Alison would say.She has always been inhibited - perhaps it was the Sunday School upbringing - so we always have sex in the same position with Alison on top.The only remotely ''kinky''thing she does is to reach underneath and caress my balls while she is stradling me.Sometimes -if she is particularly excited - she will let me put the tip of a finger in her bum hole but objects if I try to push it in further.

Over the last few months I have discovered the stories on SH and often masturbate to tales of wifes giving themselves to other guys whilst being watched by their husbands.Of course Alison discovered I had been looking at these by looking at the history and chastised me for reading ''filthy stories''.However a few weeks ago during our usual Saturday morning quickie - she asked what sort of story I read the night before and when I told a tale of a wife being shagged in front of her husband by two Spanish waiters - I could tell she was much wetter and hotter than normal.When I asked if she would like to try this she of course went off the handle and refused to speak all day.

Dilemma - I felt that deep down - very deep down - Alison would if conditions were right and if she had a few drinks - might be tempted and persuaded into a threesome with the right guy...but not being able to discuss this with her -it seemed impossible for this fantasy to ever become a reality.

Our wedding anniversary was coming up and I had booked the same hotel we went to on honeymoon up in Pitlochry.At the same time I was really hoping to act out my fantasy perhaps by meeting a nice waiter and persuading him to enter our room as we were making love. But the chances of this actually happening seemed a bit remote...despite some of the stories on SH.

I had just changed jobs and came up with the idea of finding a single guy on here and asking him to act out the role of an important client who wanted to meet up to sign a lucrative contract. When Alison heard that we would be having dinner at the hotel on the Friday with a client when it was supposed to be a romantic weekend she was not amused but decided there was not much I could do.

I found a guy from Dundee who was willing to go along with the plan.He also booked into the same hotel and we arranged to meet for dinner at eight after he was fully briefed by myself on the type of business he was meant to run.

Gordon played the part admirably ; he was about 42 , tanned quite fit looking and wore an expensive business suit.

Alison was dressed to the nines wearing a new red dress I had bought her specially showing off her rater large bosom.

The conversation flowed very easily and soon we had finished off two bottles of wine and I could tell Alison was getting tipsy.My heart was beating so hard and my legs were shaking just thinking about what might happen.

I had explained to Gordon beforehand that Alison was extremely inhibited and that there was a very strong possibility that she would refuse point blank to let things be taken further.He understood and was ok with this explaining that he sometimes had met couples who could not go through with it when it was all real.

The ruse to get us up to Gordon's room was for him to ask me up to look over the ''contract'' before signing.

After a liqueur Gordon asked if we would mind coming up to his room to allow me to sign the contract.My mouth went dry and butterflies danced in my stomach. Alison did not suspect a thing and Gordon hinted that he may even open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

We entered his room which had a double bed ,a table with a couple of chairs on which Gordon had left some files.

Everything looked normal and Alison was totally oblivious.

Gordon went over to the mini bar opened a bottle of champagne handing Alison a glass. She sat on the edge of the bed and Gordon went over to put some music on.A slow number came on and after a few sips of champagne asked me if I would mind if he had a dance with my ''lovely sexy wife''. At this Alison laughed nervously but agreed to dance - he was an important client after all.

They held each other close - swaying to the rhythm - I sat drinking , watching my wife and praying things would progress.

When Gordon gently nuzzled Alisons ear I knew this was the acid test. She did not compain - Gordon looked over to me and nodded.I did not know what he meant - then I understood and went over behind Alson and kissed her slowly on the back of her neck which she always likes.

She said nothing - her eyes were closed and she had a lovely half smile on her face.

It was Gordon who unfastened her zip at the side of her dress and kissed her on the lips as the dress slipped to the floor and left her in her bra and panties.Her first kiss form another man in 23 years.The wine and champagne had broken down her inhibitions but something deep down was also being unleashed.

Gordon undressed in front of her as I took off her bra and pulled down her panties...feeling her hot burning naked body.

Gordon was now fully erect - about 8 inches and quite thick - and gently hugged Alison as if to reassure her that everything was going to be all right. By now she had a look in her eyes that I had never seen before as if all the years of inhibitions had been torn away and an animal passion had been released.

We all lay on the bed Gordon on her right - Alsion in the middle facing Gordon.For the first time she spoke...a deep husky voice asking Gordon to please use a condom.Again he held her assuring her he would - and that he would only do anything she was happy with.

I started kneeding her left breast as Gordon pulled on a condom he had taken from the bedside drawer.They began kissing and this time Alison took control with a passion I had never seen.Her hand moved down to his balls - this is a sight I will never forget - and her wedding ring sparkled in the soft light as she fondled his cock and balls.

My hand was now rubbing her arse cheeks feeling how wet and hot her cunt had become and smelling her arousal.I moved down the bed and started licking her pussy from behind - she was soaking.She moaned at this and when I looked up another surprise - she had taken off the condom and was now sucking hard on Gordon's cock - taking almost half inside her watery and wet mouth - as Gordon kneeled above her.

Please fuck me she said to no one in particular. Gordon put on another condom and slid between her legs which intantly wrapped round him and she gave herself completely after 23 years of marriage to this stranger she had just met.

Gordon was gentle with her pushing in slowly - but Alison raised her hips encouraging him to increase speed and soon she had all of him inside her as they buit up a rhythm.

I moved across to kiss my wife and she willingly accepted my tongue - sucking on it as she was being fucked harder and harder.Alision and Gordon were both covered in sweat and the smells were wonderful.This was everything I had dreamed of and more.

Gordon came after ten minutes of relentless fucking and Alison let out her own animal orgamic scream at the same time. I continued to kiss her tits as Gordon moved off and slipped into her hot wet and slack pussy.Alison smiled as I started to fuck her - as Gordon's and her juices dripped out and onto the wet sheets. Gordon had now moved up to the top of the bed and this time Alison was licking his shaven balls.

I did not last long and collapsed to the side exhausted.

Alisons tongue was now working its way under to Gordon's bum hole and I could not believe my eyes when she started pushing her tongue into his anus.

Oh God - What a woman ! - breathed Gordon.

By now I was hard again and pushed my finger into Alison's bum - this time she let me slip the whole finger in.

Fuck me in the arse - she whispered.

Slowly using some of her pussy juice I slipped into her hot tight anus - the feeling was unbelievable.

All three of us were moaning in extasy and soon we all came - with spunk and juice and sweat everywhere.

We collapsed exhausted.

Alison turned over and fell asleep as spunk poured out of both her holes.

Gordon and I both had a drink to celebrate and to look forward to the next big contract