Written by northern-lad

9 Oct 2006

It started as texted then progress to her phoning me one monday night when my partner was out she wanted fucked so i jumped in my car and shot round there to be greeted with her words if we dont do it i never have the nerve again so she took my hand and led me upstairs to the landing her husband was out at the local pub lip to lip we kissed and she was shaking with exitement first she took off her top small breasts and i started to suck them my cock was hard and by the way she unzipped me she really wanted to fucked she took my cock in her hand and slowly wanked me i thought god hope i dont cum she then laid down on the carpet and pulled me down and placed my hand on her pussy which was soaking make me cum with your fingers she said heres me kneeling between her legs playing with her clit and making her wither all over she hadnt had sex for such along time and she came straight away put your cock in me she said now and fuck me which i didnt waste much time i was in her and she loved it all wet and dripping fucking her was so draining she was all over the place withering and moaning i said am going to cum she said cum then in which i thrust in couple more times and pumped her full must been at least 5 or 6 twitches off my cock shooting spunk in her she grinded hard against me it was fucking lovely we stayed in that position for a few minutes got dressed went downstairs had a cigarette and she said i could go now i was used for quick fuck but what the hell it felt good so anyone else out there looking for quickie just get touch