Written by D&S

18 Aug 2005

We woke the next day after the fun having breakfast on the balcony. Both guy's peered over saying good morning and introduced thenselves as Andy and Rich, Andy the more extrovert guy blurted out what a good night they had and thanked Sarah for allowing them to watch and have a little involvement. Sarah commented that's a first a polite guy who excepted just what he git, apart from you of course babes she said as she looked at me. Andy replied back don't get me wrong we were dyiny to come over but unless we are invited it aint our place to intrude on your fun. Sarah seemed pleased with this response and smiled at them both. They said they were out down the beach for the day and said perhaps we will catch up later and left. Sarah said when they went they seem really decent guy's don't they babes. I said yes down to earth but it's obvious why they are being overy nice they seen something they want and came very close to. Sarh laughed and said they are too young, I laughed and said for what they may be early twenty's but they still know what a good looking woman is. She then said why would you let them both join us? I said I aint a problem with it but it's down to you as it's a bit more than a threesome. She just smiled and said we will have to see how they behave. That day we went around the pool then came back for an afternoon kip. Sarah nodded off really quick as I just napped. There was a knock at the door on answering it Andy stood there and said hi mate have you a travel iron we can borrow? I said shhh Sarah is out for the count mate step in. I said its in the cupboard somewhere just go through to the lounge. I forgot Sarh was flat out on the bedsettee, knaked(honestly). I fumbled about in the bedroom taking about 5 mins to find the iron in the suit case in the wardrobe. As I came out Andy stood therejust looking at Sarah wanking himself off. He looked at me and said sorry mate she fucking gorgeous and I just couldn't stand here staring at her. I apologised and said I forgot she was there mate sorry. He said would I let him shoot his load on her as she slept. I said yes fine but I will try and arouse her in case she wakes. I gently stroked her thigh up to her pussy which I guess from how moist she was she was having a dirty dream anyway. Andy touched her tits gently as he wanked over her. By know w e were both rock hard with Andy being a distinct good ten inch's and thick compared to me at about 8. Andy very gently brushed his helmet over her lips causing Sarah to lick her mouth. I climbed onto her and slowly pushed my hard cock into her. She didn't fully awake as I really gently pushed a couple of lengths into her soaked cunt. I pulled out and nodded to Andy who gave a massive grin as he took position. He guided his huge helemt against her cunt then pushed into her as I watched him stretch her. She immediately felt the difference and stirred more as if to say go on babes as if she thought it was me getting frisky. He pushed into her as she moaned out still half asleep. He caused her to moan out heavily and she opened her eyes gripping Andy's shoulders as he hit her deep. She looked at him then quickly to see wher I was then smiled as she knew I was next to her. He slowly pumped in and out as she widened her legs to take him. Her eyes rolled at times as he really filled her cunt with his cock but she pulled him in with her leg's and said that's a big fucker give it me all. I just looked on as Andy sppeed up hammering into her small frame as she enjoyed the extra cock. THEY BOTH SLIPPED WITH SWEAT BUILDING UP AS HE HAMMERED DEEP INTO HER CUNT AS i WATCHED. She gripped his shoulders hard as she felt herself cumming as he pounded and pounded into her. A couple of miutes after he lifted her small arse in the air as she eagerly awaited his offering. He sighed out heavily as she gripped his huge dick with her cunt then fired his load into her. He stayed ther for about two minutes still seeping off into her. Sarah commented she felt she was gonna explode if he cum any more. He slowly pulled out semi hard as she shut her eyes saying now that was a fuck. She looked across at me and said look babes. I watched as loads of cum poured from her really pink stretched cunt I lifted her arse to keephis cum in her and pusjhed my ccok into her, oh yes babes she shouted finish me off. I huridly dipped into the hot jizz filled cunt hammering noisely as his cum slapped around inside ouzing out as I pulled back and forth. I fired my load pretty quick adding to her already filled pussy. Sarah cried out oh yes that's what I like isn't it babes a cunt full of warm cum. She buckl;ed and moaned with pleasure as I pulled out watching the cum ooze out down her thigh's and pussy. Andy just watched amazed and said your one hell of a shag and I hope I get the chance to join you both again. Sarah smiled and said I haven't shagged your mate yet and there's plenty of time too as we have anothet ten day's to go. Yes you can imagine without taking up every page on here with what happened but yes we all fucked her whenever we could and virtually spent the whole holiday in the same room licking, sucking and fucking Sarah. I did try to keep a tally of how many times she was fucked but lost count with two day's left at about 60 fucks. She commented when we got back it was the best holiday she ever had and we took the guy's numbers who said they will definetly join us at our home for some holiday reminising. Oh yes just a added twist is Sarah's period's went a bit haywire whilst there and it's seems she has missed one period. I laughed and said to Sarah we will have to put our names in a hat of which she said nobody else will know so who cares I'm having fun while I can then!! Dirty cum loving slut is in heaven at the moment!!