Written by HappyHusband

4 Jul 2005

Last March me and the wife got a last minute holiday to Lanzarote we had often during a shag talked about our fantasies and the one that we both shared was me watching her being fucked by another or other men.

When we go to our hotel room we dropped the bags and headed out it was about 1 in the morning and we wanted a night cap before we turned in,most of the bars were getting quiet now so we sat outside one of them with our drinks by the time we had finished our 2nd round the bar was empty and only the two lads working the bar remained inside when i went back in they said hey mate why dont you two come in here so i shouted to Julie to come in,after a chat the lads had told us they were cousins and in fact owned the bar they were both good looking lads(not that i fancied them) but even a straight guy knows when another bloke would be attractive to women,anyway they flirted with Julie a bit but thats as far it went(for now) and we left, the next day Julie said shall we go back to that bar tonight i said yeah if we pass it we can.

So sure enough we ended back there and Paul and Nathan were there again, same thing happened bar emptied and just me Julie and our two new pals,After a while Paul offered me a game of pool"lets play for money he says, 10 euros a game"

i'm not too bad at pool so i agreed, Game one Paul wins,"Double or nothing" "ok" i win, Game 3 Paul wins, Game 4 Paul wins, and so it went on until i owed him 160euros, i decided at that point to quit while i was not in too much debt told Paul i would bring his cash in the next night and returned to Julie who was by now sitting very close to Nathan,Paul shouted him over and i could see them talkin behind the bar, Then they came over,Paul said " Tell you what how about we have one more game, if u win were squits if i win were squits but me and Nathan get to fuck Julie on the pool table" i looked straight at Julie and she goes its upto you i say are you sure he has beaten me in every game bar one,she says Yes, so off we went, i had feeling that Julie was desperate for Paul to win, and he did must have played tha game of his life i was left with 6 balls,Paul pots the black and before i can even say anything Nathan is leading Julie upto the table,now Julie is 35 but still very fit long red hair green eyes 36c great arse and legs, these guys must have been mid 20,s Paul shouts get youself a drink mate while we play with your missus, so i pour myself a double vodka and coke and return to the table, Julie is now topless with her skirt and knickers being pulled down while both lads rev up there cocks,Paul stands in front of her and lifts her onto table then she leans forward and begins to suck his cock Nath is fingering her pussy from the side, then Paul turns to me and says "its ok if we go bareback isnt it" i say "you won her do want u want" she lies back on pool table Paul slide his cock deep inside her willing pussy hole while Nath gets a BJ off my wife who looks so sexy lying there paying my bet off, im so horny now it hurts im wanking but am desperate to keep it in until i get her back to our room, Paul is humping away at her then i see Julie start to tense up and go red she cums as does Paul he slides out bringing some of his cum out with him, Nathan walks round and takes the same road his cousin just did Julie beckons Paul round and gives him a BJ Nathan pumps away at her and again she comes then after about 5 mins Nathan pumps his spunk up her as well, they both kiss her on the lips for a bit then say"if you ever wanta job here Julie theres one for you" Julie gets up as if she does this kinda thing eveyday gets dressed and after an awkward goodbye from me we leave.

Obviously yes i did shag her when we got back to our hotel it was lovely sticking my cock up her cum filled hole, i must have shot my load inside her in record time, we fell asleep in each others arms, the next day Julie said she emjoyed it but it was a fantasy we made happen together and we should just get on with things as they were before, i agreed, We did not return to that bar in the remaining 5 nights of our holiday but i know we both think of that night alot especially when we shag.

So any couples out there who are thinking about the same sort of thing i say go for it,if your both happy to do it the rewards to your sex life are amazing.......