Written by Gerry

30 Jun 2006

This story is 100% true and it involves my 40 year

old wife Karen.We recently moved into a larger

house with a big garden and as Karen has greenfingers

the garden was a key decider in buying the place,

especially as it had a large greenhouse type potting

shed to enable her to follow her daytime/weekend

hobby.Karen is an attractive brunette,a little bit

fleshy i suppose,and she has an enormous pair of

breasts (36H).

We had met Arthur our next door neighbour when we

first moved in,he is a nice old boy of 70 years

old and very friendly,i thought nothing of it when

a few times recently i have arrived home early for

work to find him helping Karen in the potting shed

with her plants.

A couple of weeks ago it had been very warm and

Karen was wearing a pair of tight white shorts and

a vest that revealled her deep cleavage,'You'll give

poor old Arthur a heart attack' i joked as she

came back into the house as Arthur gave us a cheery

wave as he left our back gate.'I think that's why

he comes over' laughed Karen.

The idea that the old goat was letching over my

lovely wife excited me greatly and i told Karen

so,i was suprised at the naughty smirk she gave

me and later that night we had great sex,it seems

that Karen has been getting herself hot and bothered

teasing old Arthur from what she told me,and we

agreed that perhaps we could have some fun taking

it a little further and Karen giving me the details.

It was a nice day one day last week when i arrived

home from work,Karen was dressed yet again in

shorts and vest and looked a little flushed.'Arthur's

been helping me out again' she grinned.

I could not wait to hear the details and Karen

teased me all night until bedtime saying 'nothing

happened'.However in bed that night Karen confessed

all 'What a dirty old man that Arthur is' she chirped.

Karen told me that she had bent over in her tight

shorts to give Arthur 'a thrill' and that he'd put

his hand on her bottom and given it a good grope

and two hard spanks.Karen turned over on the bed,

lifted her nightie and there sure enough i saw two

large red handprints on her big wobbly buttocks.

'What did you say?' i asked 'Ouch!' she replied.

The old boy had realised he was being teased it seems

and had taken the initiative.

Karen told me that he also fondled her bottom at

several other opportunities that afternoon,But best

of all was his joke regarding the 'two prize melons'

that Karen had 'grown' it was of course a reference

to Karens big heavy udders,Karen told me she had

blushed bright red especially as he had stood

behind her and cupped their weight,then put his

hands up her vest and fondled them through her bra.

Karen being quite shy said nothing and this encouraged

him to lift her top and unclip her bra at the back

allowing her big ones to swing free,Arthur groped

and played with Karens big tits and nipples for ages

as she stood blushing and making little protests

while loving every minute.The whole naughty thing

has been a huge turn on,and we hope to create further

opportunities for groping fun for the dirty old

man next door.