Written by Ian

26 Sep 2004

My wifes older sister is such a slut, she has fucked every guy that I know and obviously loads that I don`t.

She has tried to get me in bed with her for the last 10 years but I`ve always resisted, as it is "too close to home".

That changed a month ago, when my wife went away for a weeks course with her work. Her sister kept popping in to see if I was OK, and do the washing and ironing etc.

She was always dressed so sexily and flashed her thighs and cleavage at every opportunity, and making very sexy suggestions. It was hard to resist...but I had been here before and survived. When she left each day, I would be so hard.

On the fourth day she tried a different approach, instead of coming at night she came before I went to work, I was in my dressing gown and naked underneath as I let her in. She was dressed in her usual low cut top showing her pierced navel, a denim mini skirt and knee boots. My cock was stirring to life as she brushed past me and I got a whiff of her musky perfume.

I told her I was going to get dressed, but she just put her hand into my gown and grabbed my cock, pushed her body against mine and kissed me....this was so horny, she had never gone for the full frontal assault before and I opened my mouth as she forced her tongue into it. As she slowly wanked my cock I knew I was hooked.

My cock was harder than it had been for months as she looked me in the eye and slowly slid to her knees to kiss up and down the length of my cock, she took the helmet between her lips and I knew I was hers.

She sucked my cock so hungrily as if she hadn`t seen one for weeks, but I knew that at least 5 guys from the pub had fucked her during the weekend. I tried to grab her head so I could really fuck her face, but she skipped away and bent over the kitchen table with her arse in the air for me, I got the message and just entered her sloppy pussy....she was so wet and her pussy made farting noises as I fucked her. She was so turned on and told me just use her any way I liked...she was so slutty and forced herself against me as I rode her hard. Her juices were spreading over her bum now and I massaged it into her buttocks as she spread her legs wider. I couldn`t resist slipping a figer into her A- hole as she yelped like a puppy.

she told me that my cousin had fucked her 2 days ago in her arse and she had loved it so I pulled my cock from her pussy and slowly entered her lubed arse, she tensed up then relaxed and allowed me access, her back was getting redder then she pushed her fingers into her pussy and came so hard. I had never seen any one cum like that...she pushed against me and made noises like a wounded animal...it was such a horny sight that I pulled my cock out and spunked over her back, she loved it........before she went home she told me that I would never be able to resist her again, and she is right....she just loves sex so much and allows guys to do anything they like...so I am hooked